Flamethrower Moze! (or not...)

And here is the build… is what i would say if it were still possible.

I wanted to share both of my builds here but after the recent hex nerf i cant use it anymore as a battery for the weapons. I tried everything to make my cov flamethrower build possible again
but without success.

There was of couse a lot more to it, a lot more synergie then just spam hex but hex was a still a part of the synergie to generate enough so you can use weapons wich destroy munition faster then Tyreen her lovers.

My favorite weapons are mortar’s and cov flamethrower, a lot of poeple dont even know that this game has flamethrower. But after sayed patch i just cant use them anymore. It was so much fun to run with a flamethrower, you couldnt do much aoe or shoot from far away, it was a different play style same with mortar’s, you had to aim different and you couldnt use it at close range because you kill yourself.

It was a lot of fun to make the build, put one piece after another together and see how it began to work. And then they changed the beam from hex and co… i didnt even put points into “pull the holy pin” or “vampyr”. Hex had two jobs, charge my weapons with MoD and kill everything that flys (flamethrower you know). You could just nerf the dmg even more and make status effect granades out of it instead of destroying the hole synergie wich builds are made of.

I tried Redistribution and Forge but that doesnt work with heavy weapons, for whatever reason, isnt so that heavy weapons have the smallest magazine to begin with and dont work well even if it gave the hole 5%…

I farmed sooo long to get everything to test everything and now its just a waste.
Maybe you guys can help me out with this but as i sayed i tried so much and i dont want to copy paste from another persons build, it doesnt feel like you know “my own”.

Gearbox, cant you just change the beams so that it works again with MoD and then nerf vampyr so that its lifesteal, then you change hex to a low dmg granade with high status effect and dot, so the dot doesnt effect vampyr?