Flare 50/50 Iron Bear/On Foot Moze Build

Heya Buddies, Since DLC 4 just came out I was playing around w/ Moze and her new class mod Flare. I stumbled upon this OP Mayhem 10 Combination with the new class mod. It allows you to deal Millions of damage in and out of Iron Bear due to the Flare Class mod’s 100% Damage multiplayer you get when iron bear is first deployed. Each shot from Iron Bear one shots most enemies and if you have your Drowning in Brass stacks at max you can one shot Badasses as well.

Build Summary:

The Strat is to stay in iron bear until you hit around 50% Duration and jump out. Since this build optimizes both iron bear and on foot moze you can start gunning down any enemy you want with the lightshow pistol and since we use anointments that reduce iron bear cooldown we get iron bear back super fast thus allowing us to deploy him again to maintain the 2x damage multiplayer at full duration. The way we are able to deal tons of damage when out of the mech is due to the consecutive hits anointment we have on our light show pistol and The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge (God I love that name) due to both of these damage multiplayers our damage starts to rapidly increase as we shoot at enemies.

Click here for Build Showcase:

The skill tree I am using isn’t perfect but here is a link to my build:

Iron Bear Focused:

Like all Iron Bear Builds we are running Railguns with the augments Capacitive Armature & Corrosive Sabot Round. For whatever reason these two augments deal a crap ton of damage so we primary use those. You can hit crit spots with these as well so keep that in mind as you blast away. The Flare Class mod as stated before increase our damage we deal based on iron bear duration but another key factor is getting a Flare Class Mod with 5 Points into Stainless Steel Bear. Normally you can only get Iron bear Damage +20% Iron Bear Armor +30% & Maximum Fuel 20% but since we have the extra 5 points into the skill this boosts our numbers to +40% +60% & +40% respectively which allows our damage survivability and uptime of iron bear to increase. We have 3 Points into Thin Red Line to Decrease our maximum health to increase damage we deal via the Desperate Measures Skill (Increase Damage base on how low your health gets). Another important skill point is Specialist Bear which increases our Iron Bear damage by a whooping 60% when using the same weapons on each arm (Different Augments are allowed). Due to all of this our damage will often go into 35M or higher per shot. We run a It’s Piss Grenade with Anointment 20% Chance throw when iron bear is damaged to not only apply debuffs on the enemies but also to heal iron bear with the Vampyr Skill. Each Kill we get also refunds our Maximum fuel since we run max points into the Deadlines Skill.

On Foot Focused:

Once you had your fun with Iron Bear you can start blasting away fools with your light show pistol. We run three consecutive hits light shows; Fire, Shock & Corrosive. Since we also run the The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge our damage sky rockets as we hit enemies. To allow us to become the firehose we all dreamed to be we run 5 points into Cloud of Lead & 1 Point into Redistribution. Cloud of Lead allows every 4th shot to be free and since our light shows have 45 Ammo in the magazine we are able to shoot a total of 56 shots (Assuming we don’t get crits) before we have to reload but instead of reloading I personally just switch to one of the other 2 light shows so I can have a constant uptime of bullets. Now if we get crits it procs our Redistribution ability which reloads ammo into our magazine for a short duration. If you run the Galaxy Brain Mayhem Modifier you can proc this ability very often thus allowing you to keep firing for a much longer time. Now you deal won’t be good unless you also spec into Short Fuse, Fire in the Skag Den & Torgue Cross Promotion. These three abilities combined allow you to deal exponentially more damage. The Light show pistol shoots tons of bullets so you often proc Short fuse and since Short Fuse is considered splash damage this procs Fire in the Skag Den & Torgue Cross Promotion which scales ungodly when running on mayhem 10. Short Fuse also is scaled based on how much gun damage you deal and since we run a consecutive hits build your gun damage increases quite a lot and quite often so Short Fuse will take that into account and deal more damage.

Now Lets Put it All Together:

The Main Strat is to go into Iron Bear have fun being a BEAR GOD and once we get around 50 % duration (Keep in mind this takes awhile) we jump out of the mech, which procs Auto Bear so the mech will still be dealing damage, we start getting up close and personal with our light show pistol. Since we are able to deal crazy damage on foot we can run away from iron bear as he deals with his area and start fire hosing on any enemy we see. Since we run a Old God Shield with “After exiting Iron BearKills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown by 30%” we will see Iron Bear Come off cooldown before Auto Bear’s Duration Ends. Another fun Tactic is to switch over to a 432% Unforgiven and enter Dakka Bear Turret Mod. Since the Turret takes the crit of the unforgiven we can deal tons of crit damage while staying invincible in Iron Bear.

Breakdown of Gear:

Flare Class Mod:

  • 5 Stainless Steel Bears Points

Light Show (Fire, Shock & Corrosive):

  • Consecutive Hits increase weapon damage by 1% per hit, misses remove all bonuses

Unforgiven 432% Crit:

  • After exiting Iron Bear Kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown rate by 30%.

It’s Piss Grenade:

  • While Iron Bear is active Taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade.

Old God Shield (Fire, Shock & Corrosive):

  • After exiting Iron Bear Kills increase Iron Bear’s cooldown by 30%.

The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge:

  • 62% Magazine Size, 14% Fire Rate

BTW you don’t have to use the Light Show gun just use any gun that is good with consecutive hits or just experiment and try something else.

I will link a save file up above for those of you who want to try it. Alrighty buddies that’s all I have for today. Have a great day everyone Bye bye.

I think the flare is bugged and can’t drop with 5/5 SSB atm. 3 is cap for SSB and MOD is 5 when it should be capped at 3. Unless that was fixed since I played last.

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You are absolutely correct. My mistake on that. If you want to farm the gear try to get a flare with 3 Stainless Steel Bear points and the other two don’t matter to much but try to get 2 points into cloud of lead. Thank you for correcting me I will remember this mistake so this doesn’t happen again

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