Flare Tied to Gear

I did like the extra little addition to customizing characters with this, However would there be any way that flare could be it’s own gear slot that can be equipped to a character?

Problem with the current system is:

  • The gear that has the flare I want isn’t great for the character I want it on
  • Matches can end quickly and you never get to activate the gear
  • You can’t really check out how the flare looks on a character until you’re in a match or have to start up a dojo session.

Would be nice if it was items acquired that were able to be equipped on The character screen letting you see it and checking it out with all your skins and taunts in my opinion.


There is only one piece of gear that I am still trying to get (eldrid double attack dmg - shield). If it comes with a flair I will be mad and probably want to go through the agony of getting it again… I don’t want to wear a hat! lol. flair should defs be some separate system methinks.


I feel like, somehow, Flair having its own gear slot would kinda ruin the random RNG-type fun of getting gear you want that actually has flair on it. But this depends on how you’d acquire the Flair. Like an item through loot boxes? Once you find a flair, can you use it on multiple characters? And a couple other things.

Now this is something they could take a look at.

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That’s another thing that can be argued, people don’t want flare attached to certain gear as well.

Would be nice if it was an item through loot boxes, which when it popped in loot it showed you what it looked like, And just like the gear we have now it should be equipable on multiple characters.