Flashing UI Exclamation Points (!) ?!

Not sure if this a PC-Only thing, though I have a feeling it might be considering how many minor bugs plague the UI at present…

But what is with the rogue (!) points in yellow popping up at my main menu screen and seemingly at random in my in-game zone selection screen? Anyone else experiencing this anomaly?

This one bugs me the most, flashing at my each time on the main menu for my main girl Amara:

I have beat the game on Normal + TVHM, completed every quest (including trials + survivals), 100% Galaxy Completion rate, and 100 Guardian Rank … yet every time I go to my main menu, next to “Mode” the flashing exclamation point keeps blinking at me. This only started occurring late in my TVHM playthrough, maybe after I beat it, though I’m not positive. It’s as if I have something left to do … but I don’t know what nor does the game tell you. And even if it did I probably wouldn’t realize it considering how many false-positives the UI has, and how atrocious it is to navigate through with a keyboard.

If I only I had a special navigating teddy bear to help see me through this dilemma…

I get the same thing on maps I’ve visited. Yet there’s nothing to find or explore on any of them. not even quests.

Bit late to the party, only just finished the game on normal & TVHM and I get the same notification on the mode select in main screen. It’s been driving me nuts trying to figure it out, hope the mystery is solved one day soon.

i just noticed it too after finishing vault hunter mode. if i remember it came up after beating normal mode and i think what it is trying to tell you is that you can reset the play through if you want. it is very annoying and I don’t want to check to see if i am right either lol. very frustrating to not tell you what it means on hover or something.

Guy on my friends list just reported this, found this while searching for it. We’re on Xbox so it’s not just PC. No, I also don’t have an answer currrently.