FlashMIRV details

This mutation is a little vague in its description:
-flashing now spawns 3 baby grenades on impact

… okay.
So two importanr questions.
1: how much damage do these baby grenades do?
edit: at level 10 they hit for around 55 each
2: does the blind and bloodied mutation affect these grenades?

Also on a side note, though flash barrage makes each grenade weaker, does blind and bloodied stack if all three grenades hit?

I haven’t messed with the FlashMIRV much. I’ve read claims that it has the potential to do more total damage but I don’t know much more than that.

Personally, I always take Barrage. I don’t believe that it “stacks” blind and bloodied, but it definitely refreshes the duration with each hit, so they just end up being blinded and bleeding for that much longer (not as long as if it stacked, though).

Barrage also gives you the ability to hit 3 separate locations with your flashbang if your controls allow for fast, precise aiming (e.g. mouse).

It does, in fact, stack with Blind and Bloodied. You end up with 3 seconds of Blind and 6 of Bleeding. That is what makes this particular Helix choice so strong for Caldarius.

Unfortunately, FlashMIRV is much harder to hit players with because of the spread on the child grenades. Its almost impossible to make all of them hit the intended target, thereby reducing the overall damage to below what you can do with a direct hit of both Flash Barrage and Cluster Burst. I personally haven’t checked to see if Cluster Burst is able to stack Blind and Bloodied, but unless it does, it is overall inferior to Flash Barrage in not just its AoE, but its DoT and CC effect.

Just played with him in a private match with my buddy and decided to see what it does. (Granted we didn’t stop everything so I can take a look, I just tried my best to see if I old track the numbersin the middle of all the chaos.

The results:
Attack level 10, each baby grenades would explode for a total of (around) 55 each.
This was tested briefly and quickly ato a turret.

But if the number is right and all the grenades hit, then that’s a total of 165 + the damage of the flash bang itself and blind and blooded.

I play Caldarus a lot, but I do play with damage numbers turned off.

I feel that the MIRV deals more damage than the Barrage… to a concentrated area.
I see things melt during the mini grenade explosions, so I tend to take it when I know there are many enemies that will clump together in a mission.

I personally prefer the MIRV in most game play scenarios that aren’t PvP.
It’s great for fire and forget style of flashbangs, where Barrage is the exact opposite; more damage when you need it, but more tactical with its spread.

I’m sad that it’s in the same row as the Mutation Cluster Burst, though.
I’m curious what we could do if Cluster Burst was a level 1 Mutation to stack with MIRV.