Flayer Assistance

(Lukeulbrich1) #1

Does anybody have a level 70 flayer they’re willing to trade? I’m on xbox one.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #2

Moved you to the right spot. Hopefully, someone has a spare.

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #3

I have quite a few I’ve collected over the years. you’re welcome to one of them. you’ll have to shoot me a msg on xboxlive. My GT = Kurtdawg13

I’m home around 4pm Pacific Time(California)

I can check if you’ve msg’d me and if you’re online, I’ll msg you back.

Edit: currently on console and i loaded up TPS. My Nisha was at Deck 13.5 so i ran thru EE real quick and this dropped

Not sure how long i can hang…so if you reach out before i log off, you can come grab this if you want. Or i can give you one of my Doc with matching grip version.

What did you do in TPS during your most recent session?
(Lukeulbrich1) #4

Thank you! I’ll be in touch when I see you online.

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #5

I was online most of last night. I thought is was funny that I got the Flayer drop on a single run. lol I picked it up if you want that one. it’s not the best part wise. I’d recommend taking one of my Doc’s Flayers with matching grip. that will be your “best bang for your buck” so-to-speak. :blush:

edit: I actually enjoyed playing on Console for the short time I did. I might just mob in the pre-sequel tonight waiting for you to send a msg. :sunglasses:

(Lukeulbrich1) #6

Cool, I’ll be watching for you to be online. Thank you again!

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #7

Just got home. Had to come home early today to get my son from summer school.


If you’re still on when I get home, I might hop on for a few myself.

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #9

I kept checking my xbone to see if you jumped on or I had a msg. nada. I’ll check for ya this weekend 253! :acmaffirmative:


Will be on tonight because Friday

(Vault Hunter w/Moxie and UCP free) #11

Nice. I’ll look for ya. My son is picked up by his mom around 6pm tonight. so after that I should be readily available.

(Lotsofhippos) #12

Anyone have a Flayer?