Fleet Footed? When Aurox is disabled?

Does anybody know what it actually takes to activate Fleet Footed? Does it just mean when you use a skill and Aurox is busy doing something else, or is there a way to actually dismiss him for this speed boost that I just don’t know about?

I think it means when your shields are depleted.
Since Aurox is your “Shield”.

I don’t know if it counts but when you use Fetch and Tag Team don’t those count as him temporarily not being attached to you?

They do, and so does her level 5 skill, but I’m not sure if that does it or not. It specifically says “dismissed”, and those skills don’t seem like you’re actually dismissing him.

Yea its when you use those skills fetch and tag team you move faster. Unless you miss with fetch you won’t notice it much. I wish she had a slightly better/different passive because you can hardly tell the difference.