Flesh Melter discussion thread

There hasn’t been much discussion on Flesh Melter artifacts so I figured I’d start one

Some things I’ve found (probably need confirmation because I have Overkill and C-C-Combo which make testing unnecessarily more difficult):

  • Each stack lasts 8.8 seconds independently of each other- gaining another stack will not refresh the duration of other stacks
  • FL4K’s pets and the Digi-Clone can gain stacks but do not benefit from the bonus damage
  • The Barrier can gain stacks and will benefit from the bonus damage

I don’t have a level 50 Moze nor do I have a Flesh Melter that my Moze can use so I haven’t been able to test Iron Bear yet

Good with:

  • Skills that allow you to get multiple kills at once (e.g. Indiscriminate)
  • Corrosive crowd control weapons (e.g. the Hive)
    • Kaos/Breath of the Dying in particular- the explosion/nova is triggered on kill so they will always benefit from at least one stack

Ways to improve them:

  • Have the duration reset whenever a stack is gained
  • Increase the damage per stack
  • Count their effect as a hunter kill skill (for more FL4K/Zane synergy)