Flesh melter on clone

Reading the new builds here using facepuncher to procc ammo from relic, does the same apply to flesh melter and stacking corrosive?

Essentially, if I equip clone with corrosive gun and he gets kills, do the 25% damage stacks apply to my damage?

Probably yes, but corro is a worst element as of now, so…there’s no point I guess

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I would assume it should (have not tested it a lot). The wording suggests that the source of the kill does not matter (e. g. weapon, skill, grenade, melee, slide etc.). Clone kill might be considered a skill kill and could therefor proc Flesh Melter.

This is very different to Facepuncher which seems to simply be an unintended mechanic.

How is corrosive the worst elemental? Elements are situational.

Because its bad against shield and flesh, both appear to be the most represented types of enemies in this game. Additionally cryo is nearly as effective against armor but has no drawbacks against flesh.
Everything has it’s moments, sure. And if we get a crapton of armored enemies and maybe even anointed armored enemies, corro might get better. But looking at the whole game as of now, it’s the worst element.

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Well there are areas with a high density of armored targets. Plus the targets with three bars, armor has the most hp. Corrosive is still stronger than cryo and has a DOT, and buffed DOTs can kill in this game unlike BL2.

As I said, still the least effective across the board.


Armored enemies are rarer, but in my experience, the most deadly are the armored ones and corrosive helps me kill them quicker.

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And I haven’t said it’s useless and I hear you and understand your point. Corro having some use, doesn’t change its position, though.
If you’re making a corro build, it will totally shine against armored targets but what about the other ~95% of the game?
That’s not the question though, if you’re fighting hordes of armored targets your gear combo might work very well

I use my ex’s personality to kill armored enemies. Jesus Christ that corrosive sh!t melts enemies like goddang acid from the Aliens movie zing!

But srsly, I honestly don’t use corrosive unless I know I’ve got a boss fight. My corrosive slot became a ice hawken as soon as I found one. No drag on corrosion. I just don’t mind taking a few more seconds to kill armor as a trade off for the added utility of that ice weapon as a 4th slot.

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Savage comment.

But what if it’s fire?

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I use an explosive Moze build so normally I’m using ogre or Ruby’s for funzies. The other weapons are my utility weapon (hawken) and an experimental one (whatever I found on the ground for just trying out). I’ve found with the right build, you don’t really need all four slots every fight, so if you’re lucky, you can get away with one play slot in general

I would only use a Fleshmelter artifact if I was using a grenade build centered around the Ghast Call Grenade. Stack as much DoT and not care about paying the penalty vs health/shields.

Ghast Call - 3408 damage/s DoT corrosive
vs Armor (1.75x) = 5964
vs Health (.65x) = 2215
vs Shield (.5x) = 1704

With Fleshmelter stacks (5 stacks) x 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2.0 / 2.25
vs Armor = 7455 / 8946 / 10437 / 11928 / 13419
vs Health = 2769 / 3323 / 3877 / 4430 / 4984
vs Shield = 2130 / 2556 / 2982 / 3408 / 3834

With Executor and Fleshmelter
vs Armor = 7156 – 8647 / 10139 / 11630 / 13121 / 14612
vs Health = 2658 – 3312 / 3766 / 4320 / 4873 / 5427
vs Shield = 2045 – 2471 / 2897 / 3323 / 3749 / 4175

And you can use a radiation/shock/fire weapon to compliment the grenade. Just some food for thought.