Flesh Melter Zane vs M4/TMT

Dear Reader,

This is a story about ignorance/bias and time.

Since the launch of BL3 I considered Flesh Melter (FM) builds to be a gimmick and not worth my time. Then I saw a clip from @GimmickBuilds where he hit 4M in M3/SS with Zane and a Breath of the Dying (BotD) AR. I tried to replicate it w/o his modifiers and found the TTK of BotD lackluster and when I did get kills I kept getting killed by BotD’s legendary effect. Because of the lackluster TTK building and maintaining FM stacks was neigh impossible. I gave up and went back to thinking BotD is :poop: and FM is a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: gimmick!

But!!! :grin:

During the intervening four months since my failure the following changes occurred in the game.

  1. Some of Zane’s action skills stack
  2. Maliwan Takedown was released
  3. Seein’ Dead is a thing
  4. A 3 point level cap increase that across the board and independent of the skill points themselves increased baseline player power between 1% and 30%.
  5. GBX buffed Dhal ARs by 35%

These changes set the stage for a successful (after MANY failed attempts though :grin:) TVHM/M4/TMT Dhal AR Flesh Melter raid run. Bring some popcorn and a beverage and sit in your comfy chair and enjoy …