Flickering shadows

When I zoom in on ships I get flickering textures. This does not seem to happen when I look at ships from further away. I’m on a GTX 980. Anyone have a solution or perhaps the same problem?

EDIT: Got it, it’s the shadows which are being rendered incorrectly. At least I think they’re being rendered incorrectly, there’s not way they should look this ■■■■■■, flickering all over the place. Disabling shadows in the video settings solved the flickering, but of course now I’ve got no shadows…anyone else have a GTX 980 and got the Shadows working correctly?

Same problem here on GTX 660ti. I noticed the flickering as well, seems very much like z-fighting issue but I don’t know how the shadows are actually implemented. I also noticed some jagged lines along the shadow borders.

Phew, I was beginning to be afraid this was a problem with my GTX 980. Yes I’m also getting the jagged lines you describe. So, this is a bug. How do we inform Gearbox about it?

That’s what I was trying to figure out, some guy in a gameplay related thread posted this link but apparently it needs separate registration.

Got the same problem with a GTX 770. Shadows are flickering or displayed in a very low resolution.

Having the same issue on my 780; no settings seem to affect it short of turning off shadows.


Yup, that’s the problem. Same thing after updating…hope you’re reading this Gearbox!!!

Same here with a GTX970, lastest drviers WHQL installed.
No changes after the first patch.

Many of the reasons for why you might be getting flickering shadows, are to do with your hardware and drivers. For example, most ATI users will get flickering if they are not using an HDMI cable due to having an older monitor where there is just a VGA port. Have a closer look at your other games and I am sure you will find similar flickers.

My hardware: GTX 980, Asus swift monitor, displayport cable (lol?) and yes latest drivers of course.

What exactly am I doing wrong to deserve this?

Running laptop with AMD Radeon HD 8610G graphics, and i get shadow flicker too. Its not bad until you zoom up close to ships like frigates, or smaller ships. The larger ships like the mothership dont seem to flicker, or i just havent noticed it.

Well you’re an ATI user so obviously the reason you’re getting shadow flickering is because you’re not using an HDMI cable inside of your laptop which…uhhhh… has an old monitor where there is just…uhhh…VGA port…uhhh…@Purplfluffybunny can you help me out here?

Shadow Flicker relates to some core logic in the shadowing engine and very little else. Once some critical bugs and mod support stuff is off my plate I’ll probably be rebuilding the shadowing layout engine. The shadowing solution in this engine is pretty unique - and just needs a bit more love. Hey, I did the whole graphics engine myself - so I am pretty happy with where I got given the time I had to do it…


Thanks BitVenom, good to hear you guys are aware of the bug and will fix it.

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And a fine job you did at that. other than little nit picks like this. It is Outstanding.

Thanks a lot for the haed-up. Nice to hear it’s going to be fixed, although I admit it’s no big issue.

Nice to know it’s on the to do list. Heck i was afraid my friends wouldn’t like the game, saying “i hope it doesn’t have the same gfx as HW2 with small tweaks” and post release they said it looks like EVE Online. :smiley:

Lets not make things personal and call people names.

I’m… uh… not sure the Art team would appreciate the comparison - though maybe it was meant as a compliment? :wink: Style-wise they’re pretty distinct, Gameplay-wise they’re obviously very distinct (3D RTS vs Excel-in-Space), and the goal of their graphics engines are also completely different. Not to mention, I guess they have 10+ years of engineering work on me :wink:

I am really happy with the work we did, and given the team/time constraints the results - but what really gets me excited is thinking about what some of the really crazy HW2 Modding teams are going to do - most notably the 9CCN team. Those guys pushed HW2 crazy hard for 10 years. Once the entire engine is laid bare and people understand how to do stuff like write new Shaders and make full use of the new lighting logic… I can’t even imagine what the results will be.


Thanks for the support BitVenom. I too am experiencing the shadow flickering. It is in no way a game breaking issue, but can be rather annoying at times. Looking forward to a fix.