Flipper vs the Ruiner question

My flame/radiation 300 90 flipper used to kill the ruiner in about 12 seconds. Now Ruiner takes no damage from that flipper, but any other flipper seems fine? I’m puzzled. Any thoughts appreciated.

Didn’t they change how the anoint functions?

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Yes but I think that anointment performance changed prior to release of Bounty of Blood so would tend to rule that out as cause. Any changes to your build? Also recent changes to extra projectile spawns from bonus elements impacted many things. Possibly GBX broke something in a Hotfix?

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What mayhem and modifiers do you have? Some add damage resistance as you shoot or have elemental immunity.


Playing at Mayhem 10. As Moze.

Here’s some more information…

This flipper kills Ruiner easily

This flipper does absolutely nothing against ruiner

And THIS flipper also does absolutely nothing.

I’m using this

And this.

A while back I would swear that ANY flipper would kill Ruiner. Grr! It’s making me crazy.

To get these screen shots I had to turn off my antivirus temporarily.

I noticed the same thing with the Complex Root. That was my go to bossing gun. Now it’s ■■■■■. It stays in the safe

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What is your build? And modifiers?
Like I said if you ended up with like pain tolerance then a flipper won’t do any damage to bosses.

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Thanks. Hmmmm. :unamused:.

Lol. The mystery continues.

Except that one of those flippers works perfectly. Kills the boss in seconds.

I don’t recall pain tolerance or it’s effect but the first flipper up above works perfectly. I’ll take a look this evening. Thanks for your input!!!

Might be due to the 500% nova mixed with a mind sweeper.
I personally don’t like the mind sweeper and use a blast master and have never had weapons perform drastically different based on annoint.
Pain tolerance is a 3% stacking damage reduction for each het on target that stacks 20 times. At max stacks its a 60% reduction. Really noticeable on moze with flippers or monarchs.

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Hmmm. I think I avoided that one now that you mention it. Flippers 2 and 3 above do zero damage to the boss. Flipper 1 kills in seconds.

I dont know.
My best guess is a strange interaction with 500% nova and mindsweeper.
I mostly run a green blue moze so my best one there would be the 1% consecutive. But I have a habit of 300/90 and attempting to one shot due to blast master stacks.

After trying all my flippers against the ruiner, some never damage him, another pool sometimes damage him and sometimes not. I have no idea why.

I have a consecutive hits Flipper that I use on the Ruiner and it performed great as usual yesterday, I typically main Flak though.

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