Floating Skull Death

I was farming El Dragon Jr. After killing him one of the times his corpse turned into an enemy I have never seen before. The name was Death and it looked like a floating black skull with devil horns and smoke flowing off it. I’ve played since day one and I have never once seen an enemy by that name or come at me in that way except for the Halloween event.

That’s one of Mayhem modifiers.


I just now noticed that. I’ve never played on anything higher then Mayhem 4 but I recently got a gun that’s good enough for 6. So I’m farming El Dragon on 10

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What you’re after? If shield you can farm on M8, if artifact M0.

I’m trying to get a Stop Gap with an “After Action Skill End you deal an additional 50% (Element) damage” and was trying to get an Unleash the Dragon for my brother but dropped an amazing role for his Amara

Shields don’t scale to mayhem levels so you could farm at mayhem 0 and it will be the same as mayhem 10

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Mayhem does increase loot chance though

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Mayhem 8 and above gives you guaranteed anoints. So there’s no reason to go over 8 if farming shields. The increased loot chance doesn’t affect dedicated drops.

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more like going over m8 gives u modifiers :smiley: so i’d rather play m8 over any other content in game only 2 modifiers buddy system is pretty much neutral okay boomer is neutral. a good way to enjoy.


and it could be a level 60 shield instead of 57.

When I play M10 i literally have to sit there and reroll until i get the perfect ones lmao. Most of the modifiers take the fun out of the game to be honest.

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On M8 my favorite combo is galaxy brain and holy crit. Feels like M4 with that mix.

Throw a magic missile to kill death. :wink:

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