Floaty Aim/Input Lag

Can’t accurately aim at all due to pretty severe input lag on standard ps4.


yeah, got the same problem :frowning: payed 100€ for the digital deluxe version and now i cant even play it…

Yeah its unfortunate. I am unable to hit anything that is a moving target haha. I filed a ticket on gearbox support and 2k support and also have tweeted “Gearbox Offical” probably excessive but after spending $100 I wanna make sure that they at least recognize that there is an issue!

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You’re not alone… input delay is quite noticeable. Makes the fighting very unpleasent. Hope the get a fix rolling soon 'cause this makes me stop playing.

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I’m experiencing the exact same thing on my OG PS4. I press the left stick and it takes about a half second for my character to move, then when I release he keeps moving for another split second. It even makes picking items up very difficult. I’ve asked several other friends about this and they haven’t seem to have had any issues at all, so I’m honestly not sure what the difference might be. For reference, I booted up BL1 and BL2, and both ran perfectly fine.

I changed my tv to “Game mode” and found it fixed my issue. Hope this helps

I tried that as well, and unfortunately it didn’t help.

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Same issue here, the game suffers ~30ms input lag on my original ps4, makes it very frustrating to play… TV’s game mode is on, tried to change some in game settings but nothing works. Please fix it fast, I wanna play!!

terrible, hope for a patch with 720p and 60 fps for ex… otherwise it’s unplayable on ps4 classic

Has anyone noticed an improvement on the input lag? Even with all of the recent patches I haven’t noticed any difference whatsoever.