Floodmoor Basin Locations?

Been driving around floodmoor basin for hours going to each location multiply times and i am stuck at 99% and 14/15 locations. has anyone else run into this issue or is there a location thats hidden away somewher? Upon further investigation i believe it to be glitched because when i got to promethia it shows 42/43 locations but when i go to each zones it shows that i discovered all locations.

I have same problem
We need somebody to find all 15 locations and send screen of their places on map

Floodmoor basin one is the sign post under the northern most waterfall next to the eridian writing. For Promethea your probably missing the cistern of slaughter (entrance is in meridian metroplex)


Could you pls describe the floodmoor location better ? I have no idea Where to find that sign post

its up by were the legendary hunt monster is for hammerlock there is an eridian writing slab to the left of there is a waterfall with a small sign on it


Ah i got it
Thx guys

I was able to get the waterfall location you guys are speaking of but I’m still missing 1.
Any other locations you guys had some trouble with/have an idea of what it could be?

have you gotten the location Head lift? its below the elevator inside of knotty peak, just fast travel there and take the elevator down. that’s the last I was missing anyway.

Im still missing one location as well. I have the waterfall location and the head lift location. any other locations that I might be missing?

http://www.powerpyx.com/borderlands-3-eden-6-all-named-locations/[Eden 6 Locations]

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Thank you SO much!

I followed the powerpyx location guide 2 times already … mine is still showing 14/15 WTH Gearbox

@MI1978KE The two that are hard to get are the one at the waterfall all the way at the sign. And the one you get while on the car jump mission where you need to land the big jump. The rest are all straight forward.

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Trust me I’ve got them all, that’s the only thing I’m missing in Floodmoor Basin

Mike Del Valle

The big jump is Lonesome Aisle and the other is Jason Waterfalls , I have those even rode the crane back to the prison location and still nothing they all entering whatever I’m in , I know when it’s a new area it says area discovered so I’m stuck right now Legendary Hunt, Red Chests EVERYTHING :man_shrugging:t2:

Exactly the same
Been round all 15 named locations on flood moor basin
All 15 are as " entering" said location and stuck on 14/15
Managed to swap to other character and finish swamped achv 15/15 on my flak but can’t 100% my moze maps now
Only got 3 other locations on 1 other map with moze and will prob screw up my “all named location” achv too
Any help appreciated

Since this is the first result on google, the Jason Waterfalls (most likely the 15th location you need) is near a Eridium Writing in the corner of the map, you need to literally hug the “DO NOT GO” sign.