Floor space ... Sorting legenderies

How much floor space do we have has anyone tested.

By this I mean how many legenderies can I drop on the floor from mules in my session so I can sort them in to categories .

I have about 10 mules with full inventories

Figured it’s time I started to organise them like I did on BL2

Is there a limit?

I’m guessing they want to know if someone has bothered counting how many items can be dropped on the ground before things start to despawn as it’s a behavior that tends to be found in looter games.

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Yup … Has anyone counted ?

Ah, thanks… never got anywhere near that limit myself.

I know there is a limit, I just don’t know what. A few weeks ago I used the Gun Gun and spent a few thousand eridium. As I did it I noticed the old greens started to disappear and only the blues in that “pile” remained.

Thanks … As rough estimate would you say you were at 200 …less or more

I reckon I have 400 items to sort and categorise … Would be easier to be able to drop them in piles than have to drop sort collect and repeat until sorted

It seemed like more, but I can’t be certain. All I can tell you is the Gun Gun is worthless.

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Well I’ve had legendaries fall through the floor at sanctuary just dropping things for friends… that was maybe 1-3 items I threw out at once and they just went into the floor never to be seen again. So be careful dropping anything. :confused:

Definitely not. It’s the best way available to farm purples. Many purples are extremely strong and even better then legendaries. An interesting note is gungun seems to not even have been affected by the recent anointment chance being lowered, it is still spitting out crazy amounts of anointed items.

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However many it is, apparently don’t drop your gear by the FT station on Sanctuary. Not sure if there are other bad spots, but I’ve seen that one mentioned several times.

The place I dropped mine was on the floor divider area close to the ramp leading to Ellie’s. Across from the “rare spawn” quest retrieval area… if that makes sense.

Good to know.

That despawn behavior happens no matter what. The number of items may accelerate it but greens have always eventually disappeared in borderlands.

blues also time out in this game though I’m not sure how lythe timer is.

Currency, Purples and higher do not have a set lifespan to collect.

Any item count test would have to be done with purple rarity or higher items.

I had the floor “eating up” legendaries I dropped for teammates before but these occasions certainly werent due to a floor limit but bugs and glitches. Even with that risk I prefer dropping over trading which is such a tedious process…ugh

Sorry, cant help you with an answer but I would actually like to know as well ^^

5 minutes in the Slaughter Shaft gives more epic and legendary guns than 10 minutes of the Gun Gun and 2k eridium.

I know from shooting the gun gun lots that greens and whites disappear after a while.

Well at some point this weekend I’m gonna sort my gear … 10 mules 40 inventory spaces each plus 2 banks …

So over 400 items … Let’s see how many I lose … Better make a back up of my saves first just incase

I’ve also had items fall through in front of Marcus’s machines and in the player rooms.

I was kind of saddened I couldn’t kill enemies or other players with the gun gun by shooting guns at them. I haven’t had anything fall through the world on me that I can think of. However I have had occasions where things have launched off in directions and ended up in weird places. One of the more recent ones being a purple rocket launcher popped out of the lost loot machine that bounced up through the ceiling which I later found between the door to the bridge and Tannis’s Lab.