Flora & Fauna of Borderlands 2 vs BL 1

Ok, so.

I realize that the real answer to this question is literally just “they needed new enemies for Borderlands 2”, but let’s try to science this up, shall we?

The events of Borderlands 2 don’t take place TOO far from the events of Borderlands 1, right?

Obviously, we have Spiderants, Rakks & Skags in common.

But is there any reasonable explanation as to why Threshers, Stalkers, Varkids, and Bullymong would not be found in many of the places with similar terrain from Borderlands 1?

Oh yeah, and Scythids and Larva Works, too!

Not to mention Drifters!

Sand worms…

Also, I see no readon why Hyperion wouldn’t have deployed Loaders to help fight all the Robo infected things.

Discuss, please.

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the pre-sequel explains how threshers got there


Oh snap you’re right I had forgotten!

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The Drifters appear first in the General Knoxx DLC to Borderlands 1 for example on the Sunken Sea map. There is even a mission “Drifter Lifter” where the objective is vanquishing Skyscraper, an especially strong and tall drifter.


Yes, I know.

But thank you!

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I’m guessing that it’s similar to what we see on earth. Cheetas and elephants in Africa, and polar bears in the northernmost regions. Skags, varkids and spiderants seem to be able to handle all climates, except for what we see in Eridium Blight. Regular bullymongs seem to prefer a colder climate. The ones in Eridium Blight are labeled rockwall bullymong or demong, and they are only found there.

BL 2 takes place in a relatively small sector of Pandora, so I think it’s safe to say that there are plenty of creatures out there that we haven’t seen yet.