Florentine vs shock plasma caster

Want to use one of these for a peak run, leaning towards plasma casters as I’m using a scorn/ruin maya with antagonist and a magic missile, so I thought a florentine might be overkill, but I’ve heard it can be exceptional, so I would just like advice on the matter


Is this to get from 72 to OP8? Or is this for an OP8 run?

If it’s the former, I’d say literally anything will work up to OP3. If it’s the latter, I’d say neither : go with corrosive.


Florentine. Because slag. I’d advise you use a gun and ruin for slag, as well as scorn, and use a quasar or singularity in the peak! I say this as an apologist for the Florentine though, and I love Maliwan in general, so take with a pinch of salt. Jefe’s advice is more sensible tbh


The question now is what manufacturer is the PC?


Either way though i’d still recommend a Quasar/Singularity over a magic missile with Maya. You have slag coming out of your pores as it is and those grenades can really save you if you’re getting swamped.


I have a Hyperion one rn, on op2 atm, sorry for lack of info, have a corrosive tattler as well- wasn’t sure what element to use on the peak, so I thought to go with shock.

Tbh I don’t really use grenades at all, now that I have scorn and ruin, it’s just there

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Corrosive is best in general, enemies that out of the peak are resistant to it (flesh enemies) don’t have the same resistance in the peak. So Corrosive is a good thing to stick to if you don’t want to swap around too much.


Couple quick links for you :

and this regarding elements ( just read the synopsis in the OP rather than the whole thread ) :

Shock is ok but robots (and Wot) are resistant to it - it really only becomes practical to strip surveyor shields. In your case Ruin will strip them for you.


Thanks for the info, will make use


The thing with OP levels is you don’t want to farm much because you are heading to OP8, so you want anything useable you can get quickly or that level doesn’t matter (like a grog, magic missile, or slagga). If you have a few workable items go with those. If you were planning on doing a story quest reset at OP8, I’d actually do one at OP6 to do the Scarlett DLC to get a sandhawk and pimpernel plus the Tiny DLC to get a Bee shield as that’s pretty quick on both (unless really bad RNG from Treeants) plus maybe a loot train run if you really needed to. Then you could do a full reset at OP8 again so you could play it all through at that level. If you weren’t planning on doing that, I’d just do loot train runs whenever your gear is no longer cutting it and take anything useable you get, plus the Treeant run to get an on level Bee for the final few levels.


To add to what @ChemicalConundrum said, I have various gear stashed at varying OP levels from when I went through. If you find yourself in need of anything desperately, I don’t mind have a look through my stash and seeing if I can help. I am also able to farm various things too. You have me on PSN now anyway, if there’s anything you desperately need, just send a message and i’ll take a look at what I have.


For the peak you’ll probably want a corrosive plasma caster as opposed to shock. You could use a Florentine as extra slagging, although with ruin and scorn you likely won’t need it.
It kind of seems like you’re using too much slag, using Maya’s slag skills as well as an antagonist and magic missile.
Personally I would go with a storm front, quasar if I’m not using converge, and a bee shield at higher op levels, just because it allows for more damage output, not that an antagonist or MM are bad.


Yeah, I felt the magic missile was quite redundant, I got a storm front and a pandemic from the snowman as well as a corrosive Hyperion plasma caster.

I mainly used the antagonist for the bullet reflection - specced into KR - and it has a decent capacity and delay, especially with ward, the slag was a bonus, I guess


The Antagonist is a great shield, and as you say slag is a bonus feature.

With grenades Maya seriously benefits from having a Singularity, it seems counter intuitive with Converge but especially in places like the peak controlling where enemies are is often worth more than the damage. Quasar is the best singularity about but it’s a hard farm so probably forget about it for now. But if at any point you see a low fuse time lobbed/longbow singularity try it!


Interesting, I never use KR. Not that it’s bad, I just tend to need my skill points elsewhere. Antagonist is fine btw if you wanted it. I can even get you one since I have too many crystals. Let me know if you need one.