Floundering Up Here Glitch

I have been trying to get this achievement for months and I cannot get my progress above 48%. I have tried everything short of setting up an completely new character to do so. Anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong or how to fix? I’ve listened to scores of jokes in multiple fish locations, including my room in sanctuary. At my wit’s end.

All I know is that the required number have to be all on the same character in the same mode (normal or true). Beyond that, I’m not sure why your progress wouldn’t advance (unless you’re disconnected to XBL while playing?) I think I finished my trophy up using the one in the library and simply reloading from the initial FT point.

Yeah; I’ve tried over 100x with three characters and have even kept track of the damn jokes. In a related issue, Xylourgos also isn’t progressing the secret achievement where you let Gaige’s murderbot kill X number of enemies either- was playing with a friend in my game and she got the achievement after he killed a crap ton of enemies while my progress bar stayed at 62%. Wondering if I delete and reinstall the content if that would make a difference- but the issue persists across both of my consoles so I’m not hopeful.

One way to check that last one would be to start a fresh character at level 13 straight in to the DLC. When you first get to Gaige, you can let DT kill as many as possible during that fight then save-quit before the cut-scene. The enemies should respawn on restart but, since you saved, the progress should advance. Note that the kills all have to be on the same character, so the bar won’t progress until you get beyond the previous 62%.