Fluctuating damage?

Is it just me or is anyone elses damage fluctuating from encounter to encounter? I have been farming the Gravewarden for loot on M3 recently and to be honest, my damage seems to be all over the map. On one encounter, i can do a fair chunk of damage to him and have him down in 3 to 4 clips with the Lyuda. However, in other encounters, i’ll expend my whole supply of sniper rounds and barely take him to half. Its the same with the Rowan’s call as well. Is anyone else noticing this or am i just missing something small?

What kind of modifiers are you getting? Using the same gun in m3 can get you radically different results

each time you load up mayhem mode 3 the modifiers change

You can check them once you load into the game.


well ■■■■ me. Thats what im missing. I totally forgot/didn’t know that modifiers were a thing. Im not crazy, just stupid lol.

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Speaking of witch, how do i even check them?

they are on the map screen