Flying sand hawk

Am i just super unlucky, or is there no flying prefix for the sandhawk? I must have farmed scarlet 200+ times and never got a flying prefix… Wtf is going on?

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There seems to be, but I was never able to get one either. Mostly sapping and fire Sandhawks. Keep at it!


What element do you need I have a couple spare, flying prefix both op8 btw, and it can literally take you forever to drop on the flying prefix, 200+ is not uncommon in my experience, I spent as much time as that on ps3.
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Ok thanks Im getting mostly react and stopping

I spent 2 days farming vending machines for a DPUH. Some things, no matter how easy they seem at first glance to obtain, are sometimes worse than actually farming an enemy. The amount of Hard, thrusting and crammed ones i saw was insane. Not a single double one.

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