Flying Sandhawk Trade

Hey do you still have any spare sandhawks?

Yep still got them

Awesome is it possible for me to maybe trade for a few? My GT is thebasketball4

Hey, I split the topic to a new thread for you guys, so as to not derail the previous.

Best of luck on the trade!

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@Giuvito, I think @rockshox00 is ps4…not sure about @riverhale4, (this is in the Xbox1 section)

If I’m wrong, well then,Oops, my bad.

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Ah! Oops. Sorry.

I just figured cause of “GT” which is often used for Xbox, but in fairness I’d seen it for PS4.


Please confirm your system for your convenience.

Thanks @darla!

Hey man got any TVHM sandhawks i could get? Would really appreciaite it.

Ah yes fair point. Im on xbox one.

Oh! Okay. Well Riverhale. If you are on Xbox, I do believe the user who responded to you is PS4.

I will leave this up though so some one else might be able to help you.

Alright thank you

Yes I’m ps4 didn’t realise you were xbox. Sorry, hope u get them :slight_smile: tx @darla for pointing that out :blush: