Flynt UVHM Help

The luring tactic worked man thank you millions!!

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Don’t feel bad - EVERYONE starts out uneducated! I can’t speak for Chuck, but I only get frustrated with those who aren’t prepared to ask for help and just complain about how hard things are instead. You’re obviously not in that category!

Anyway, I just clued in to your COM stats there. You only need 1 point in Incite to gain the benefit, so you could easily do this: You’ll still get a decent boost from Incite, and you’ll have slightly increased your Gunzerk duration.

Edit: Glad you got through! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a more discrete approach to enemies in UVHM - even if you are playing Sal!


I copied my tree from this link under “Lvl 50 Gunzerker Build”, since I had trouble knowing what was best

But I’ll give your tree a shot forsure (after I get to Sanctuary) since you know what I’m working with, I’ll let you know how it works!

No need to die, a person can jump back up there as long as you have time. I do that especially if for some reason my gear is not up to the task

Would you mind making a lvl 61 and 72 tree? In your spare time of course :slight_smile:

No need for me to do it - it’s all right here!

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I thought I’d tried that and failed, which is why I usually only do that if I die. It’s possible I got dropped on my way back up though (which would amount to the same thing!) I’ll have to give it a whirl next time I’m up there.

I’ll have a complete answer when I get home to a real keyboard.

I’m not tired of answering questions in the slightest: this is why I hang out here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just going to say this for now: YKY, Last longer and Get Some… Put 5 Point in these … Always… Whatever you do, never skip these.

Playing without Get Some is sacrilege and the main reason you’re having trouble. It’s Sal’s best skill…

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Oh my, I have offended you, Yoda ;-;

I saw on your “Top Gear For Salvador” Guide, you mentioned the DP Harold, if I don’t yet have the Torgue DLC, is it worth farming? I’m aware you said nothing is worth farming until end-game, but since you mentioned it as being the best gun in the game I figured I’d ask. If so, is now at lvl 51 a good time to go grind for it?

Does Savage Lee drop DP Prefix/Torgue Grip?

Savage Lee drops the UH, and you can roll any of the parts/accessories when it does. I’ve got DPUH, but also Hard, Intense, and a bunch of others. It’s a nice quick farm to get a UH, and you don’t really need to be picky about prefix, grip etc. while you’re levelling. I’d suggest you do In Memoriam so you can farm Boll at the same time for Fastballs.

Heh, Double Your Fun with a Fastball equipped sounds interesting. I think I’ll have to do a little farming myself now that Boll has been fixed!

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Good to know, thanks! I have a lvl 34 Corrosive Fastball that deals 98k + 1k corrosive dmg /sec, is it still viable for where I’m at or should I just use whatever Singularity grenade I come across?

What did they fix on Boll?

Get something at level (or as close to as you can). That’s seriously under-powered at level 50 in UVHM.

He now actually drops the Fastball, his designated drop. He never used to do that at all!

Will do, I guess I’m off to farm him as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys, I figured it out. His gear is stupidly underlevelled

Well, under-levelled for UVHM yes. But those legendaries and blue uniques would have still been holding up through the end of TVHM. He just hasn’t adjusted to the new reality yet.

Good enough for the story or find a better one?

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"play without Get Some you shall not"

Best gun in the game is a bit of a stretch, but it is certainly near the top. (The Pimpernel is most probably the best gun in the game IMO …I don’t remember how I phrased it in the Top Gear)

If you have your mind set on farming, then a Harold will probably last you longer than most things, so it’s less of a waste of time, but remember to always be on the lookout for new gear. Underleveled stuff is a problem that is often overlooked by new players :slight_smile:

Also, I have seen a lot of players farm Harolds, then farm a new one when the outgrow it …and never play with anything else … then they complain that the game is stale, that some enemies are too strong (while they simply happen to be the type of enemies a Harold isn’t the best suited answer for) or other such things.

Personally, I fin the Harold to be very efficient …but boring, I have not touched mine in over 2 years of play.

In short: be careful of developing bad habits and staying stuck in a rut and keep experimenting, keep trying new guns, new builds, new combos :slight_smile:

Level …34
That’s your answer :wink:

Nice find. The accessory suck but you seem to have found one with a Torgue grip, which is very good :slight_smile:

Nothing is ever good enough for the whole game. This is UVHM, you will have a hard time if you don’t update your gear often.

Usually, you should keep a gun something like … 1-2 levels… 3-4 if it was really good, like a legendary or purple with good parts. Maybe the Harold will last 6-8 levels since it’s so powerful, but again, don’t get too attached.

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Noted. Will I notice when the Herald starts to become weak?
Also just reached The Dust, so I believe I’m almost to the point where I can get a slag Rubi, once I do I should main hand the Herald? What do I do with the slag Lady Fist (Lvl 48) at that point?
Any of these better main hands than the Harold? (Dump possibly for being lvl 48?)

Not really … kinda like the way you don’t notice your hair growing until you suddenly realize you are overdue for a haircut. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why you still should play with everything you find for 10 minutes or so … at some point you’ll find a gun that performs much better than what you had, and it will signal the time to switch :slight_smile:

DPS gun always in your main hand, Utility gun in your off-hand. So in this case, main Harold, off Rubi

Better ? no

There are very few things that are better than a matching-grip Harold :stuck_out_tongue:

But a few levels down the line, when you find level 58 equivalent of these things, they will definitely outperform your level 52 Harold


I just checked that link …and it’s choke full of bad advice :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this instead:

Harold in main hand, Slag Rubi in the other (or your old shock Rubi for now)
Renegade COM
Adaptive shield
Any grenade you like, but usually with a Moxxi gun in hand, like the Rubi, sustained damage grenades perform better and can help to keep you alive in sticky situations (so Betties, Teslas and Mirvs)
Sheriff’s badge (go back to TVHM and farm the Sheriff if you don’t have one. It’s worth it since the 2 badge’s stats hardly change with levels (I’m using a level 48 Deputy’s badge at level 72) It should be good forever :slight_smile: