[FO4] Maya the Vault-Dwelling Siren

So, since I started playing with the BL1 Guns mod in FO4, I decided to run a siren-like character. Still trying to figure out how to build her though, so if anyone has any good ideas (or has already done this!) feel free to chip in.

So far, I have her high in Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. I’m thinking of building for maximum Sneak (phase-walking) and Science/Gun perks (energy weapons and elemental mods), as well as Action Girl (rapid AP for much VATS) and Animal Friend (thought-lock). Oh, and definitely Black Widow!



With low endurance sneak would be my biggest recommendation

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I have enough in Endurance (+3) that I can grab some levels of Toughness and Lifegiver as I go, which should help compensate somewhat. I’ll try and grab the relevant Bobbleheads as soon as possible to bump SPE another point each.

It’s interesting looking in detail at the FO4 skill tree (which I’ve never really done before) and thinking about specific character types. I can easily see Roland/Axton (which is pretty much my first character - go Commando or go home!). I have another character underway that functions as a sniper Zer0, and I can certainly see the potential for Brick, Melee Zer0, Wilhelm, and Nisha versions.


I like life giver, but toughness is wasted. Ballistic weave makes it basically useless. Id go armorer(str 4) rifleman, sneak, gun nut, science, action boy, animal friend(nice rp choice there btw), action girl, ninja, and better criticals

Personally i think a lilth build would work better than a Maya build. But please post updates in whatever thread, i love talking about fallout 4.

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That is good to know. I’ll probably get some extra health now and work the armorer in with the other crafting perks.

I’m going for a partial hybrid, but I already have one red-head so I went with Maya for the name!

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Alright, so I picked this up again. Here she is in all her blue-haired glory, toting one of the BL1 weapon mods:

That’s a cryo heavy machine gun, which is fun:

Now up to level 19, and the build is starting to fill out nicely.

Edit - here’s what I have at level 20:

  • Strength (3)
    • Armourer (1)
  • Perception (5)
    • Locksmith (2)
  • Endurance (3)
    • Toughness (1)
    • Life Giver (2)
  • Charisma (6)
    • Cap Collector (1)
    • Black Widow (2)
    • Attack Dog (1)
  • Intelligence (5)
    • Hacker (1)
  • Agility (5)
    • Sneak (2)
    • Action Girl (1)
  • Luck (5)
    • Fortune Finder (1)
    • Scrounger (1)