Folks, try this......I think you might like it

I kinda stumbled on to this build after looking at Moxsy’s and Lazy Data’s latest vids…and conversing a bit with Lazy Data.

It’s a “Hybid” Moze build and it is tremendously powerful in both the dismounted Infantry role and in IB as a Mech. Kind of the best of both worlds.

AND what is really kind of nice is that it doesn’t really require a large amount of specialized gear or anoints. Now…make no mistake…high profile gear and anoints help…but ARE NOT necessary!

In this build IB is basically as powerful as you can get her and gives you an option to cruise around for a while…smoking things left and right…instead of the tiresome, boring and somewhat nonsensical constant jumping in and out of.

As a Ground Pounder…Moze is at her peak as well…it is a spin off of the spam grenades hold the trigger down “Fire Hose Moze” method.

This will Kill Mobs
This will Kill Bosses
This will Kill Wotan

Gear suggested:
Fire Mag size 44 Kybs Worth x2 variant…(on IB exit or ASE next two mags do (whatever) is nice…but unnecessary (X3 variant burns ammo too fast)
Fire Westergun with mag size 44 or above…same anoints. The thing I don’t think a lot of folks realize is just how good the Westergun is on Moze…and how totally easy it is to farm.

You want a corrosive version and shock version of the above as well. Will having all three be Westerguns work?? Absolutely. Do Kybs work better? Absolutely.

Cutsman’s will also work just hunky dory…but you have to be VERY mindful of grenade usage.

The 4th Weapon can be a solid launcher like Ion Cannon or a good Purple Tediore shotgun to chuck. You actually will probably seldom use it…if ever.

Grenade is any grenade that homes and mirvs for multiple hits. Purple Cloning Maddening Tracker is by far the best for this but other types will certainly work.

Shield can actually be about anything you like. I have some favorites. Look VERY closely at the shield properties to get one to match your playstyle.
Big Boom Blaster
Mendal’s Multivitamin
Double Downer (Probably the most under rated shield in the game)
Stop Gap

Again…anoints are nice…but not totally needed.

Artifact can be pretty much whatever with one requirement…get one with 44% Plus Magazine Size as you will need that for trigger spam. I use a Last Stand Auto Idol but that’s just me.

Com is a Blast Master with Redistrbution skill…other skills are great but Redistribution is a necessity. The one I use has +1 Redistribution, +3 PtHP, +1 Vampyr
Perks are whatever you can find that work good on Moze:
Splash Damage
Grenade Damage
Grenade Damage Radius
Splash Damage Radius
Weapon Damage
SMG Damage
Maliwan Fire Rate
Weapon Fire Rate
Maliwan Critical Damage
Maliwan Damage
Critical Hit Damage
Weapon Charge speed
Action Skill Cooldown
+5 Grenades (is OK…but not needed)
+24% Mag size (can work in lieu of +44 mag size on the artifact if your trigger control is good and you can get away with spamming the trigger less)

Whatever combo that is best you can find.

IB rocks either dual Vanquisher Pods with no additional skill or Dual Explosive Miniguns. I personally like the Dual Explosive Miniguns as they are VERY easy to control and Crit with…and hit like a truck.

Playstyle is…whatever…
Go head to head…or stand off…or jump in and out of IB for anoints…or…my favorite…in HEAVY mob places with deathstars and dogs… jump into a safe, secure IB and lay waste on the most dangerous targets like dogs…with virtual impunity. Bottom line is that in this setup…IB is a KILLER…don’t ignore that capability.

Build is here:

Compared to Moxxi’s highly successful build:

I lose VERY little by one point less in DiB and one point less in Armored Infantry…and the 10% I lose in not speccing Experimental Munitions is entirely made up in the boosts to Short Fuse from SSB and Scorching RPM’s

Moxxi does not spec Scorching RPM’s which is curious as he claims he is not able to spam constantly with a Kybs Worth with the higher Fire Rate. He runs out of ammo too fast and reloads too much losing his anoints. I have not experienced that at all. Nor did I find that fully specced Matched Set is necessary to raise Mag Size in order to spam. High Mag Size weapons are the key. Moxsy also fully speccs I can’t carry all these Grenades and I believe these to be “wasted points”. I NEVER run out of grenades and I am chucking constantly. Perhaps with a Cutsman or other weapons…they “might” be necessary. Kybs and Westerguns? Nope…not necessary.

By fully speccing Scorching RPM’s , SSB and the one point I used in Security Bear, and the one point in Specialist Bear I do TWO things:

  1. IB now is basically maxed out damage and survivability wise, and adds an additional, valuable AND FUN tool to your capabilities.

  2. The not well advertised boosts to Short Fuse from Scorching RPMs and SSB are SUBSTANTIAL and TOTALLY offset any small loss to points in AI and DiB.

My wife says I am "not the sharpest tool in the shed’ so go ahead and poke holes in this. I LOVE this kind of stuff…it’s why the Borderland’s series is my all time favorite. I tested this last night for about 3 hours…mostly at the Slaughter Shaft and Wotan.

Lordy…it works!


5/5 Grizzled is far more valuable than 5/5 FitSD, if you’re using IB a lot then I’d take a point for 3/3 deadlines too. FitSD damage is near enough placebo.

Otherwise that looks like what I’d run. If I were a more avid nade chucker I’d pull further points out of FitSD for more PTHP.


I like it!!!
Great suggestion…I have always wondered about FitSD…

I’m a pretty avid grenade chucker…LOL

think very fast faucet drip chucker :grinning:

My Blast Master gives me a total of 4/3 in PtHP…but I like your suggestion… Moah = Better

Seems like a slightly worse version of Bearonator to me. :man_shrugging: It’s fine but it’s weird that you are portraying it as some revolutionary idea.

Likely due to not using Matched set or Iron Bank and probably using x3 kybs which are hard to spam with that or low mags. My kybs are able to hold trigger indefinitely in Bearonator, same with the Westerguns I use.

Not aware of the Bearonator…will look it up…

Revolutionary idea?

Sorry you took it that way. Just me trying to share what I thought was good…and was surprised by it.

Moxxi said he specifically stayed away from X3’s…stayed with x2’s yet still ran out of ammo too much. I had a different experience and I did not do a fully specced matched set or any points in Iron Bank.

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Looks stronger than Bearonator to me. The points in Drowning in Brass make a big difference to dps when the rest of your damage is elsewhere. Bearonator has the advantage of bigger mags, which is redundant if this is sustainable and also gets fitsd which won’t outdo Dib+AI.

As for Moxsy’s ammo issue that was due to him having 24 mag Kyb’s.

He might of had lower base mags or wasn’t getting enough of of his nades. Personally I like to make use of Iron Bank and Matched set so even lower mags can be full auto spammed. That’s part of why I called it a lesser version of my build. That and not taking full Grizzled or full Deadlines. I don’t find VI and 4 points in DIB to be worth sacrificing those things.

Well DPS isn’t everything for one. If it’s supposed to be just as good in and out of IB then there are other factors at play. Also less versatility for example, failing with 24 mag weapon. So basically the same thing you said but backwards, if the damage is already amazing, I personally will go for more versatility. Either way it’s basically the same build give or take a few points, and my real point was it’s just a standard Short Fuse build just like mine is so it’s not anything we haven’t seen and discussed plenty.

Kab…I just looked up your build and what I put forth is pretty dynamically different…

I don’t propose the mag boosts or nearly as heavy green tree use

I also get some use out of the Red tree…which you did not use at all.

I’m actually relieved because I thought I had somehow just copied your build unknowingly.

It’s just trading mag size (better regen for different guns) for 10 points in red tree which is just slightly more dps. It’s not exactly dramatic the real meat and bones of both builds is Short fuse + SSB + the other IB components.

I’m not upset thinking you are copying me don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t realize you were promoting this as a build you created it just didn’t come off that way to me - it sounded like “hey look at this super amazing new thing I found on youtube” which was basically nothing new. Maybe I took it wrong.

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OK…no problem…I was worried I had offended somehow.

Like my wife says…I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Not in the least.

It’s probably less that and more that I don’t properly know how to talk to people.


Here’s the 2 builds I’ve been using for a while. Very similar, but different enough. I was going to make a build guide on them but they raised the level cap and I don’t have level 53 gear for it yet. Also it’s just a super easy build to fall into, though I think my first one is way less common than the 2nd one.

First one is with EM instead of Specialist Bear. I much prefer this one, but I also miss out on Explosive Miniguns which is a shame, so IB is nearly useless because Rocket Pods suck with Auto Bear and I can deal better dps on foot. I use a Spring Epicenter with this build.

I used your mod for this (I happen to have the same one, with a +24 mag size which completely eliminates the need for any mag size boosts in Bottomless Mags in combination with a +40 relic). @kabflash you should get a mod with the mag boost for Bearonator if you don’t use it already, I haven’t checked your build in a little while now sorry.

The Spring Epicenter chunks down enemy bars, like a shocking amount. I’d say 50% of my damage is from throwing grenades. Keep in mind, this is with +Grenade Damage boosts. The mod I actually use for this isn’t the same skills as yours, but has the grenade damage boost and I have that boost on my artifact too. It can single shot trash mobs.

This is the one that’s most similar to yours, of course you can switch a point to Security Bear. I just am so angry at that skill I stopped speccing it.

Again, I’m using the Spring Epicenter for damage, but also it procs MoD more reliably for me. Notice the lack of FitSD in these builds (also mentioned by @Prismatic in the comments already). My opinion; It’s not a good skill, especially when using certain grenades. You’ll burn to death using the Epicenter with it, but aside from that the gained dps is totally offset by the chance of igniting yourself in CQC. Grizzled is way more useful. Also, tossing as many points into PthP as you can increases grenade damage and all but guarantees a Redistribution proc with each toss.


Spring Epicenter is my favorite grenade in the game and has been basically since it came out. You can find posts of me talking about it way back in like October. It’s nice damage, it’s a quick throw/hit action. And it’s the best Vampyr nade in the game and it’s not spamming like using CMT or back then Recurring Hexs. I can’t say enough about the Epicenter it’s just an awesome nade.


Agreed. I got the idea of using it from you actually. Side effect is on ps4 it procs MoD, so I’m sticking with it.

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OMG this ^^^!

I steal sooo many ideas from @kabflash. I rarely give him credit though because I don’t want his head getting so big that he floats away. :laughing:

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And I got the idea of the double downer from you actually…

Great tip!


I should go door to door preaching the Double Downer. I swear by it, even though on paper it’s not a big deal, my Takedown success rate is much higher when I use it. Especially throwing Epicenters in FFYL. I killed a full health Kraken in FFYL with that combo.

To the Last is underrated too. Allows easier Redistribution procs in FFYL to save reload time and keep the Blast Master bonus. The dps while spamming nades and holding the trigger + Double Downer damage boost is pretty great.


I honestly slept on TTL for a long time. I generally try to act like I’ll never be in FFYL because I hate going FFYL :smiley: So for the most part I avoid building around it. However our new +3 skillpoints has easily allowed me to justify picking it up and I gotta say I’m not sad about it.

HG…How are you getting to Short Fuse in your 2nd build…I can’t make it work in the tree builder???

To the Last, once you use it and then spec out of it you miss it. I used to justify Short Fuse because I already would get To the Last haha.

I want to make a deathless Undertaker build but haven’t gotten it done yet. Deciding between Short Fuse and TD. Short Fuse is better, but TD just meshes with the name of the build so well…

I learned to embrace it with Moze. With the GR perk, it’s a free health and shield refill.