Follow Typhon bug

I am told to follow Typhon to the Promethea key insert but it’s seems Typhon exe has stopped working. In all seriousness if anyone has any help to fix this that would be great. He just stands there and does nothing. The box to following Typhon is checked and will not change. I have tried save quitting, changing characters, and turning off ps4. I would prefer not trying to join someone’s game at the point where I am to continue.

If you aim at him, does the “Talk” prompt pop up at all? Seems like you have to interact with NPCs a lot of the time to actually get the script to advance and the prompt is a lot smaller in this game than previous ones.

Also, is this when you have to insert the three keys, or the fourth one?

Yeah Typhon is able to talk as an npc but he is unable to tell me to put the key into the insert for the Promethea key in order to progress to install the others. This is the very first key.

OK then I’m stumped. I know there were fixes to eliminate some progression blockers so if you’ve been avoiding the updates might be time to give it a try. Otherwise file an actual bug report here:

And you may need to bite the bullet and join someone else’s game to advance the story.