Follow Typhon glitch bug

i’m suppose to “Follow Typhon” but the game is stuck and won’t progress. I’ve quit, restarted, switched characters and nothing will fix it

re verified the game

re installed a fresh copy

joined multiplayer where 2 more players are also stuck like me coz that fat shot typhon not moving his fat ass and he is just still

how can we complete the game with this game breaking bug

so many ppl have this issue yet the devs not patch fixed the game


It may be their original fix got reverted? I made it through fine with zane a few weeks ago; leaving this here as it pertains to it

well its not just me, 2 of my online friends cannot go past the “In the Shadow of the Starlight”

has anyone got a 100% save file or a save file thats after the “In the Shadow of the Starlight” mission?