Font Size on Item Cards

Is there a way to increase the font sizes for item cards?

I always have to move closer to the screen (like within 4 feet) to actually be able to read item cards. I normally play about 10 feet away from the TV (55 inch screen).

It would be REALLY COOL if gearbox would implement zooming in on item cards with ADS or giving a full screen view of them when they are highlighted.


Right now theres no way. I also play on a 55inch and cant read them without getting close. Pain in the ass. Dont recall this problem in bl2.


Haha just I just reorganized the furniture in the living room for that same issue.

Get this my people - 32" screen/Ps4 and I sit arms length away from it LOL. This is how I do all my gaming and there IS some small text in the game… I really took it as; it wouldn’t matter to PC player.

Most (some?) folks do sit a healthy distance away from their screens so I can understand how visibility of text is an issue. Looking at it tho - I can’t discern how larger font is too be implemented.

It was said somewhere by a GB employee “Text touches everything, so its not as easy as plainly increasing font size”

They are working on it.

If they can just do a full screen of item cards option it wouldn’t be difficult. Just give the option to view the card full screen when you are in your inventory and view said item.