Font Size (Split screen)- PS4

Is there any update when the font size hotfix will be applied?

I read on another thread from months ago that Devs are looking into it. I haven’t seen anything on this since then.

I play B3 on PS4 on a 65in screen (split screen, local co-op) with my family and we are not able to read anything from the couch. Every time someone has to get up and go right into the TV screen to read it for the rest of us (or sit super close to the screen).

It has gotten so annoying that we are considering to ‘put down the game’ until we have an option to increase the font size. Neither do we believe that its healthy to stand 2 feet away from a 65in screen, staring right into it to read.

So now we are wondering if there has been any update if this is going to be hotfixed soon?


This isn’t something that can be hotfixed. The last comment I saw from one of the GBX staff about this was that they continue to look into it, but it is actually much more complicated than simply changing a font size: the UI interacts with so many different aspects of the game (not to mention different languages imposing different constraints). If GBX are able to address this, it would be in an update, so those are the patch notes you’d want to keep an eye on.

We’ve been begging for split screen fixes since day 1. The community team here has passed our complaints on to the Dev team, but they haven’t gotten any response from them either. Other than what @VaultHunter101 said about the UI interacting with more than just text size. Many of us have almost given up on seeing any improvements. I personally doubt we’ll see anything on this until after they finish pumping out DLC and content.

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It’s the end of December 2020 and this still hasn’t been fixed. We just got the game for Xmas and were really excited to play a game we loved playing on couch CoOp. But now we can’t even read the minimap let alone gun description (alt fire) or tutorial menus.

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Sorry you just found this out. As you are probably aware nothing has changed since the games release over a year ago and the way it seems nothing will. Thanks GBX !

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Yea. They did finally enable vertical split at least. However they have done nothing with any of the UI issues in split screen.

Spent most of the year telling us they knew about it and were looking into it, but now they won’t even acknowledge there’s a problem.

I’ve given up on them doing anything about it at this point. Either deal with it as it is, or find something else to play.

Might I suggest BL1, BL2 or even BLTPS…for some strange reason they got it right in those entries and they play just fine.