Fools! This is but a minor setback!

You think your ‘nerf’ can keep Ambra down?! She is ascendant! Those who truly understand the subtleties of her arts will not be stopped by these repeated insults!

She will not stop until every shirt on this planet is TUCKED THE F*CK IN.


Idk why they simultaneously nufed damage AND life steal -_- also solar wind needed a buff at its base not a nurf :stuck_out_tongue: i will keep playing her but she is far from being better then other support now as they toke the versitile out of versitility. :stuck_out_tongue: she is suppose to be compitent at both damage dealing and healing so if you’re going to gimp her you need to tune carefully to avoid her losing the ability to do one role compitently. Aka now I don’t gen enough of my own hp to be able to use my staff to heal other people cuz then I imiditly get killed the moment something notices me.

Check my video on Ambra after the nerf. I built her as a support. I’m able to support my team as well as secure kills. Check the description as well.

Oh, I wasn’t complaining. I love her. And I always played her support, so I barely noticed the nerf. All about area denial, baby.

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Yeah I just recently (yesterday…) started playing her because I wanted to see how “horrible” she was.

Get her mutations and her legendary item, you will see what a commanding presence she is.


Late game. I wish she would get a buff for early game at least.


I have a builder wrench and shard generator that cost 0 shards each (negative to recoil, lol who cares). I just spend the early game dropping sunspots around corners for friends and shoring up our infrastructure. You get a lot of EXP for doing that. Ambra can also solo mercenary camps at a very early level.


Didn’t want to start a new thread for this: Ambra does seem to be in a good place atm. Either they stealth patched her dps a bit or I’ve just learned to use her as she is, but I feel pretty good about playing her now.
I am an RPG player not a PVPer so coming out 2:1/1:1 and the rare 0:2+ (in a bad game/group) is fine with me. Her support has always been good to me: I never thought she should heal as well as Miko.

Very fun to play and once you hit level 3 (I always choose +15% drain) it all becomes downhill from there.

The only sucky part about her is a problem with every character with Primary and Melee attacks - switching between them is really finicky since you are forced to completely stop attacking before you switch between the two.

I find this most noticeable with Miko and Ambra.

Ambra definitely still works in PvE. After getting frustrated by my ‘4/5 play with Ambra’ challenge on Galilea, I decided to play her just to prove the point that she’s still viable.
(The Algorithm on normal / PUG)


Didn’t really try that hard, hence the damage taken. :smile:

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