Footsteps of Giants - Dig out vault key

I have got to the point where I need to dig for the vault key, it says dig, it gives me the spot, I have tried but nothing happens, I have left the area and come back, ended the game and restarted from the beginning, done another mission (or 3) and then come back and still it will not let me dig, please help me because I cannot go further :frowning:

Is that at Typhon’s wife’s grave? As soon as you attempt to dig, Typhon should stop you and say something. (Hint: the vault piece isn’t actually in the grave…)

Yes its at the grave, I dig and dig an d dig an d nothing, he doesn’t stop me, it doesn’t register that I am digging.

A save-quit-restart didn’t help?

Save, quit, restart
Save, quit, try another side mission
Save quit, go back to sanctuary and try again
Save, quit, go to another area completely and play other story missions
Nothing is helping :frowning:

Unfortunately, the only way you’re going to get past this is to join someone else’s game and do it with them. If you want to report the bug, you can record a video clip and file a support ticket with 2K - link is in the pinned post at the top of this section.

Thank you so much for help - sadly I play on my own so I will have to figure out if there is a way that I can join or have people join me.
Thanks again for your help

Best bet is to ask in the on-line play section here:

I finally managed to get past it, I cleared cache - dont know if that actually made the difference or not but then when I got to that point it still didn’t work so I climbed on the grave and slam dunked the dig spot then dug and it worked :slight_smile: yay
Thank you so much for your responses and help