Footsteps of Giants mission bug

Stuck in Desolations Edge trying to get to Tazendeer Ruins. Currently on the mission Footsteps of Giants. My objective is to go to the vault. I can see where I need to go when I’m not at Desolations Edge, but the second I fast travel to that location, the waypoint disappears from the map. The door I’m supposed to go through is closed.

I’ve tried rebooting my PS4, and I’ve even went in to match making to get to Tazendeer Ruins to backtrack to the waypoint, but neither of those things has worked.

I saw another forum that said it was fixed with a patch, but it isn’t for me.

Currently a level 49 Beastmaster, and I want to finish so I can start on TVHM, but I’m stuck because of this bug.

Please help!