Footsteps of Giants quest bugged, unable to progress

I just made it to this part and the door will not open no matter what I try:

Anybody else have this issue and managed to find a fix? I’m going to be furious if the game just totally broke after 40 hours of progress.

I managed to fix it now. Seems there is supposed to be a battle there before the gate will open, but the enemies didn’t spawn for me until I restarted the game.

Is there supposed to be a boss battle or something because I’ve been stuck here for days even after restarting the game, mission and even my PS4 multiple times

Nope, just some regular Guardians that are supposed to spawn. They spawned for me after restarting the game fortunately. Sucks to hear that the same didn’t work for you.

Yeah i get guardians and I’ve seen for some people that they had to kill them right next to the door for it to open or they had to bait the enemies on the other side of the door so they come through it and open it up and neither have worked. Pretty frustrating to have dumped that much time into the game to be stuck because of a simple door not opening lol

Hopefully something they will fix in the first patch for the game. I guess try a few more times, and if it doesn’t work still, wait and hope they fix it in the first patch.

Just an FYI for anyone at Gearbox perusing these forums, this bug is NOT fixed completely. Many users are still unable to progress after sinking a lot of time into this game. I hope this bug gets the priority it deserves and can really be fixed soon.

Yupppp this is a huge bummer. Trying different things now hoping I get lucky. Need a fix asap!!!