Footsteps of giants quest

I am stuck at the door requiring you to access the vault the one with the yellow cross in the middle after you find the alternate path. The door simply will not open. I have tried restarting the game. My last save file as well is still me stuck at the door so that is also not an option. It has been a few hours now and nothing can anyone help.

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When you hit a game breaking bug in a borderlands game - try matchmaking that level - get a check point past the broken door and quit out. You do risk skipping the whole mission if they’re at the end though.
I just hit this bug.

Aaah you may need to clear the area of enemies to trigger the door. Sometimes borderlands doesn’t give you a prompt. I cleared the two ‘garden’ areas leading to it.

I have the same exact problem. have killed of the area several times now. please let me know if u figured something out