For all of you struggling penguin lovers. Toby: how to be DESTROYER!

So I’ve seen alot of people complaining about the most adorable, forgiving battle orn; and it makes me sad. People saying he is underpowered, broken, terrible…such mean things. So, I decided to help everyone out having trouble so they can get the most of their penguinloving time in beta.

First, let’s talk His Base abilities.

Railgun: Toby’s main attack fires a high powered shot from his railgun. The damage can be increased by a short charge. His secondary allows zooming in. The shots have a slower velocity than normal weapons unless utilizing shields (more on that later), so you will need to get used to the ‘bullet’ lag. The range is very far…to be honest I haven’t really found the limit. If you can see it, you can probably shoot it.

Berg’s Boosters: Double Jumping will allow Toby to jump quickly in whatever direction you are holding down. Remember they can move you in any direction. I have jumped down ledges and boosted back to throw myself in a tunnel below to escape would be penguinmurderers.

Arc Mines: A small bubble of pulsing damage that explodes at the end. Before any helix choices they aren’t much to talk about.

Energy Shield: A stationary wall to absorb damage for you. Not only can you shoot through it, but increases weapon velocity and damage of your railgun.

Core Discharge (ultimate): A constant beam of death…that sadly isn’t really that deadly. It has a shorter range than the railgun, and does less dps if you can land hits as fast as you charge. This skill doesn’t shine till helix choice at level 10.

Abilities are only part of the story for a battleborn. Helix choices will greatly change how things go. Like all characters, he choices you make may be better for pvp, pve, ir ok for both.

Level 1:

Contingency Plan: Shoot your mines to explode them early.l, dealing bonus danage. This is required for a Lore challenge. Other than that, I almost never take this (as you will soon understand) . In pvp it won’t matter often, and in pvp your better served with…

Me n my magnets:
25% bonus danage for shooting through your shield. This is the best choice no matter what. Your railgun is your bread and butter, so to me anything that makes it better is worth it.

Level 2:

Starting Line: small mobility boost to allies running through your shirld. Generally not that good compared to your other option, but it isn’t bad per se.

Best Offense: Allies sitting behind your shield get healed. Although it isn’t super strong healing, every little bit can matter. This not only helps keep you alive, but makes your shield that much more helpful to allies running from danger.

Level 3:

Targeting Relay: creates a feint outline around targets while zoomed in over them, including invisible targets. For pvp this is very useful (and very annoying for some stealthy types). There is no greater joy than killing an invisible oscar mike from across the map while he is sneaking up on a team mate. I will note that this ability is not very easy to see, especially at a distance.

Still Alive, Sorry!:
Bonus shield. Good no matter what your doing, though I rarely use in pvp. Remember that Toby dies very fast if caught; so if your getting picked on it may be worth it.

Level 4:

Sorry I broke your legs:
Anyone hurt by arc mine is slowed. This level your mines finally become useful! And all 3 choices are good, so it is up to playstyle. When it comes to pvp this is my go to choice. Toby is lightning fast with his boosters, so escape is very easy with this. Throwing mines into melee characters or on top of bottlenecks to get away quick.

Sorry I broke uour wrists:

Enemies directly hit by your arc mine are stunned. Because of the direct hit I don’t choose this often, but stun is super powerful. So if your ok with the aim required, go for it.

Arc Vortex:
Enemies are pulled into arc mines. My pve go to. Suck a mob into eachother and your teammates will love you. I will warn that it is a little buggy at the moment (hilariously so), in that sometimes mobs will start orbiting your mine. They are hard to hit, but don’t really go anywhere.

Level 5:

This entire level is about your boosters and is completely player choice. Pvp, pve, doesn’t matter. How you like to play is all that matters. I personally prefer the extra charge, but you may prefer the damage resistance for being empty or the mutation of jumping straight up higher.

Level 6:

Beam Splitter:
Firing through your shield splits the shot into 3. They spread out as they move, allowing you to hit multiple targets. Not a bad choice, but aiming for multiple hits is finicky.

Plasma Mine:
Arc mines do bonus damage to shields. Again not a bad choice (unless your opponents don’t have shields). I use this on pve occassionally, but for pvp I like to use…

Ok have your laugh. Good now? Ok! Railgun projectiles are larger, making it easier to hit targets. Giving yourself any leeway with such long range shots is helpful. Just remember that clipping walls and such is easier as well.

Level 7:

Riding the Rail:
20% reduction in charge time in railgun. I’ll be honest this is my favorite. The faster you pump out shots the better, especially on larger targets like sentrys, montana, isic, attikus and kleese.

Shoot theough walls and people. This would be epic…if it worked as advertised. It feels like some things it works, but most it doesn’t. If it gets changed it may become the pvp choice of champs.

Self destruct sequence:
Tired of melee murdering you? Want to have the last laugh? Why not blow them up. Ok this is more a comedy or spite choice, but it can work ok if you find yourself being targeted by multiple melee often.

Level 8:

Room for improvement: Bigger shield, and healing zone of you chose that helix choice. It’s hard getting more than 1 or 2 battleborn behind the shield, so not bad.

Room for mistakes:
Double shield health. My go to choice, as it helps survivability. Marquis sniper shootoffs are much easier with this.

Level 9:

What’s mine is yours:
Increase arc mine range. Good choice for pvp as it makes your sliw field larger.

Primed catalyzers:
Bonjs mine damage. If your doing a mine damage build, go for it. Otherwise your probably better off with your other choices.

Mines, mines, mines:
20% off mine cooldown. More mines for escaping, not a bad choice.

Level 10:

Triplecharged: your ultimate is three super shot. Frontloading everything makes this much more useful in both pvp or pve (though i prefer it in pve).

Add a slow effect to your ultimate. My choice for pvp. Adding slow to multiple targets that aren’t clise together can help your team alot.

Ok, we now got the overview out of the way, let’s talk playing Toby. This penguin is an amazing character that relies heavily on field awareness, teamwork, and cowardice! Yes cowardice. If you have too much pride to run at the slightest sign of being caught, back away from the penguin.

What that defender tagline? Ignore that. Well don’t ignore it. Just stop associating defender with tank. Toby is squishy. Any melee character will wreck him in seconds. Most mid rangers can do the same if he isn’t being played right.

With all that being said, Toby is a nightmare for the opposition when played well. He is an extreme range sniper that can murder anything with a few well placed shots. He creates his own little bunker in a safezone with a sniper lane and makes everyone on the opposing team hate that he is there.

A defensive sniper, with an almost unmatched mobility (thanks to boosters) allows him to escape and reposition on the fly if his position is no longer useful, or the enemy decided to hunt him down. Unlike marquis, Toby is a large target. Don’t think this means he has no hope, as with the right helix build he can be a pain to catch. Increased aoe arc mines that slow enemies coupled with a bonus boost charge can help you escape even the most tenacious hunter.

So, plunk your cute butt down where you can see as much as possible (preferably where you can see objectives with great firing lanes) and pop your shield down and wait. When you see a target fire off boosted shots to add damage. Kill when you can, but remember you are just applying pressure. Your geam should have some upfield battlevorn in it, let them get the glory. Just keep it so the enemy must keep their head down, and myrder their minions.

When your position becomes bad (moving objectives, opposing pressure you can’t survive) get to another firing lane. Remember when escaping to place mines in the way and use boosters to move as dast as possible. Boosters are multidirectional. Jumpforward and then boost left or right. Get into tunnels below you fast.

Knowing maps is super important with Toby. Understanding good sniper positions, firing lanes and escape routes is important. High ground is another thing you want often. The less you k ow about the map, the easier it is to be in a bad position, or get caught and murdered. Jumping into matches with another character, or doing a solo match vs bots to learn is a good idea to prep for maps.

Toby likes other people, even the enemies. He will apologize to them, ask how they are doing, and just all around be a nice guy. Battleborn is a team game, and teamwork is king. Toby needs to work with your team to really shine. Use chat, coordinate. My favorite thing to do is run with a melee character. Firing off at thier target to help get the kill, applying pressure if they get swarmed. My shield and heal creates a nice bunker if thy need to run away, and I can keep firing at whoever is chasing them. Any hit and run style character can benefit from this bunker haven as well.

As I play more and get input I’ll update this. Good luck to everyone, and remember. Even if your dead, Toby believes in you!


I just unlocked Toby today and tried him out (I wasn’t impressed) but after reading this I’m gonna give him another shot. Thanks for the advice!

No problem!

I’m starting to feel Toby can really put a hurt on bosses/larger minions fast. At the moment in pve I am getting highest damage dealt every match. Most of the time the person in 2nd place dealt less than 70%, and sometimes less than 50%. This translates well in pve, as I am getting super high minion kills and doing tons of damage to sentry and other larger minions. It is starting to force the other team to dig deep and deal with me, which allows my team more control.

Keep playing hyper defensively my fellow penguin lovers!

Oh Boy…I gave Toby another shot (too bad its my last time playing before the beta ends!) and Iove him! I severely underestimated his power and utility. Thank you for making me re-think playing as him!