For anyone not on twitter: news about the Maliwan Takedown event

Copied this from the twitter page:

‘Due to technical issues, today’s event, which would scale the difficulty of “Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite” to number of players, is being postponed to a future date. We will share more information here when we’re able. Thank you for your patience.’


Well that kinda sucks but atleast I won’t be missing out on much by not playing tonight, wonder if we’re even getting a hotfix.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a hotfix either. Oh well…


Thanks for the heads up =)

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Kinda glad for that really want to see what changes are coming, but I wouldn’t mind farming a few more guardian ranks before respawnable bosses are patched.

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lol big surprise,

Promise and fail, promise and fail on and on and on, half-arsed mods that don’t work, promises of opening content up to all not just groups, fixing core skill bugs and all the guardian talents, half of which has been present since day dot

but don’t worry we can spend time messing about with drop rates or making something M4 only, pathetic

Well at least we know what GB’s new year resolution isn’t :slight_smile:

Keeping their word and delivering on their promises

Anyone else familiar with the old Americanism or business saying

" Sell them hopes and promises, ship’em sH** " :slight_smile: looks like we have a motto for them

great start to 2020, crack on, all the best, enjoy your well earned breaks ROFL


no, because they are on a well earned break, jeewhizz glad im not at that company new years night out… you can imagine the scene :slight_smile:

" what do you mean there is no beer :frowning: , but you said it would be here :frowning: ??, you promised :frowning: "

“what do ya mean you where to busy half doing something else to organise and sort this out on time like you promised to ???” :frowning: :frowning:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:#


GB is in the best way to earn the worst company in gaming history award. Nearly everybody laughed about Fallout 76 and Anthem but honestly BL3 and Gearbox are really close to both…

I will be playing offline to avoid hot fixes and updates till next dlc or something cool gets added so I can keep farming bosses without reloading the game all the time and keep farming the takedown with glitches because I don’t play with people anyway.

Qhat do you mean farm bosses without save and quitting? Are u telling me that offline those bosses respawn without save and quitting?
And how are you getting the good annointments offline?


I guess I won’t be getting Rakk Pack CM for a while…

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Lol not even close.


I think it’s a little harsh to compare them/BL3 to Anthem,F76 and EA/Bethesda but they surely are taking a step backwards with every update. This isn’t the Gearbox we used to know.

BTW, this sucks I was looking forward to starting this event.


How is not getting something taking a step back?

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@13igTyme I was not talking specifically about this update alone but rather the fact that with every update they release they break something else, this coupled with the fact that there are still many bugs/problems unresolved since launch and that they haven’t fixed them but have time for weekly nerfs is a massive step back in my book.

Just an example the NOG head is still unavailable, why they can’t fix such a simple thing or just add them to everyones inventory like the free Bloody Harvest heads is beyond me. Surely everyone has already finished that quest anyway.

And just to be clear I’m not attacking Gearbox, It’s just my opinion that the Gearbox pre BL3 was a better and more competent studio.

Anyway I wish you all a happy new year and hope that 2020 has many great things in store for us :slightly_smiling_face:


:triumph: :expressionless: ok so I know people need there holiday. I get it. I know that things don’t always go according to plan but this is all getting a bit ridiculous. Don’t announce an event or fix if it isn’t ready. Instead tell people you have plans for this, this and that and we will update you with detailed when its ready. Provide more transparency and honesty. The reality is that BL3 wasn’t fully tested. Your dev team will constantly be facing cascading issue patch by patch until you get the “quality” back in “quality control”.

I don’t think I’m being overly critical nor am I being unfair in stating that GBX has been setting unrealistic expectations for fans since the day it was announced. People like Randy Pichford pulled a no man’s sky with the over hyping of the game. Polished, fluid, versatile, all words used by pichford to describe the game. Non of which are true. I join a low level friend and half the time enemies and loot didn’t even scale properly. The game still has a laundry list of bugs and stability issues. This is not what one would expect from a “Polished” triple A title.

You set the expectations GBX and your the ones letting your fans and community members down. Even your Steam crew doesn’t know what to make videos about because of how buggered up the drop rates and enemy farms are.

Time to take the feedback to heart, own your mistake and clean the game up rather then day by day fixing one problem just to make 3 more.


Thanks for the news. I had thought the scaling option was already in place. I played it last night with 2 others and we got squashed bad. I’ll just have to wait I guess.


Am I the only forum goer who is fine with waiting instead of having something broken come out? At least they actually decided to wait this time instead of ship something that was f***ed.

Here’s to hoping the reason they’re delaying it is so that they can add toggle controls of some kind


and miss the chance to overreact over a patch that is delayed during holidays? How can you miss the similarities between GB and the nazis?

(/s for good measure)