FOR COMPLETIONIST SOLO PLAYERS: remove lore challenges in which a group is required

Really, dude? That was the EASIEST of his lore for me. Find four other players willing to all take peacekeepers (some doing challenges for OM, Monty, or Benny), group up, do a few missions together. BAM. Cyber headshot.

You just gotta ask!

And for the two weeks that Lootpocalypse was on, into the Humble Bunde phase, I was getting 5-man PvE groups very very regularly - maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes, when it loaded 2 people, I would ask the other guy if he wanted to 2-man or jump back in the queue for a larger game, and very often the person wanted a larger game (like I did) so we both quit and got back in the queue.

I’m not lucky, I don’t play 8 hours a day, and I’m probably around average-good, but if I can do it - you guys can to. Just try asking and communicating and don’t let a few games where you tried and that didnt work get you down - just keep asking. The other thing that helps is when you do get a good game, with people who are talkative and sound pretty mature - friend them after the match. There are 15-20 people who have friended me or I friended them - we don’t talk over steam, but often, when starting a match, people will simply invite everyone on their list and you can get a ton of 5-mans that way. More than I ever thought I’d get, since I’m going it solo most of the time myself.

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Just FYI - I don’t play Alani a lot, but I will play her on specific missions just for this reason. If you get a 5-man group on Heliophage, you can normally get 2-3 5-man hits right at the start, in the elevator, and another once everyone’s standing on the teleporter to Rendain. In the second mission, you can normally get one activating the final boss, and once you teleport to Varelsi space. If you’re quick, you can sometimes also get one before Wolf opens the first big door, depending on your team. You can also sometimes get them during the trap areas of Sentinel, if your team’s together. There may be other places, too - but anything with a 5-man activator would be a good spot, and right at the start of a mission if you’re quick.

Well, since many people seem to agree these group lore challenges are shite… Any four PS4 players want to team up to do all of these challenges? Talking Boldur, Benedict and whoever got similar lore :’) (seriously I’m gonna cry I’ll never get those)

While forming groups ahead of time is obviously the most guaranteed way, I still encourage folks to ask in pick up groups - you never know who you’ll be grouped with. Lots of people want to finish these.

Also … pay attention during the scene where they introduce your team’s characters and they all taunt. There’s some interesting text that pops up beneath the character names.

I don’t wanna ruin it for anyone, but they’re pretty hilarious when you have 5 of the same character. Kudos to Gearbox, yet again, for above-and-beyond polish. :clap: I laughed my arse off the first time I saw those messages.

Also, 5 Boldurs all doing the bum flash taunt is pretty epic :slight_smile: It’ll be worth the wait!

You got a point there. But I have social anxiety and I can’t really get myself to talk to strangers over a mic and I can’t even dream of asking them for help. It’s hard enough for me to talk to people I added in advance… So that’s sadly not gonna happen.

I still wish I could just unlock the lore without teaming up. I’d pay 25k credits to just avoid communication over a mic :disappointed:


that’s funny mate.

Well, what I’ve found normally happens in public games, is there’s usually that one guy who ALWAYS sits way behind everyone. But it’s alright now, went on a spree on Monuments and got it completed finally. Perfect map for it.

I second you, OP.

…and yet, Gearbox still hasn’t changed that aspect of the lore challenges have they???

I suspect, until they do, that you will continue to see threads like these get created every so often (and I will continue to reply with my support in every one I see!)

A true completionist will go to any length to finish such challenges.

Including making friends.

Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way!
Lmao who am I kidding. I just want my lore completed…


For most of the ‘play with someone’ quests, I just waited for other people to pick their characters and then picked one that would get a credit towards such a lore. I had most of them done by the time I hit Command Rank 100, and that was back when we needed 5 plays instead of 3. It is a lot harder if you are trying to focus solely on one or two characters only, but if you can adapt to what is in the party, the challenges almost fulfill themselves. Benedict and Bolder become the only difficult ones that require coordinating with the others on the team.

I got my Benedict done by pleading with my girlfriend to pick UPR when there was already two selected.

This was before I had friends.