For Deande players: the most satisfying thing ever

I like Deande. She’s my main. I was trying out a new build today (that I used a lot of my math and hours on!) and just had to take a moment and relish in the beauty of what happened to that Rath.

The video has no special editing other than cutting it. And I’m no youtuber so I used the PS4 capture thing, so the quality is worse but I think you can still understand the simple beauty to it.

Anyway, thats all I have to say. It’s back to reking scrubs for me.

But to anyone else out there who loves Deande, post your clips. I would enjoy seeing some more badassery. Especially if you can prove a penta-kill with her.


That damage!
What gear loadout and what helix choices were you running here?
That Rath had no idea what hit him! Good show mate, i enjoyed it.

Well I’m still working on the build. I’m a perfectionist so everything must be perfect, naturally. I’m planning to make everything perfect during lootpocalypse, and then buy a capture card and try my hand at making a guide (another project parallel to my lore guides that I want to do. damn i love this game).

Through much math and testing on my very kind friends, I have determined that this build can crank out as much as 1300 damage (@ level 10) in a single hit, if everything is executed perfectly. that’s a big if too. It’s the if that turns 1300 damage into 900 damage.

what’s in the video is the 900 damage version. Regardless, I am getting excited just talking about all the rekt noobs that weep for mercy. So here is the gear:

-Fan of Retreat (Oh god! is he- is he using a character legendary that has less than max roll stats! No! It can’t be!)
-Bolstering cognitive prediction
-Erratic Amplifying Internal Capacitor

If you haven’t heard of the last two it’s because they are only epic rarity. Once you look at the gear specs you can see what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Here you can see the gear for yourself. That should explain the Helix choices, but if it doesn’t then I will hurry up and make the guide.

P.S. what is a god way to record audio? and is they a good free/cheap editing software out there? I would really like to do a video guide but have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just a writer after all.

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Interesting build.

I’ve been considering testing the vibro core module and doomsday key on her with the shield strip augment. I’m thinking, in theory, that the burst dash will break my shield, but the vibro core module will restore a bunch of it on impact (assuming a shielded target), and the doomsday key has the benefit of skill damage and 12.80% attack speed once shield is broken from full.

It is an interesting Idea, and one that I have toyed with in my mind as well, but seems largely impractical. you only get a 14% shield steel at the cost of 1800 shards.

since everyone but kleese and shayne has a 300 shield you would only get back 42 shield per kill, assuming they are not stacking max shield capacity with skills and what have you.

In the long run that little shield may allow you one more hit, and possibly a win in the fight, but thats only if you are already low HP. Which then begs the question of why on earth you are fighting someone with low HP. Just cloak and teleport the hell out. One kill is rarely worth you sitting in the spawn for 50 seconds.

On the other hand, the doomsday key has a unique synergy with Deande that not many else have. I use it all the time on her with different builds, most notably an attack speed/life steal tank build I sometimes like to run.

But with both of them, yes you get about 10% skill damage, but you also get recharge rate + a negative to the delay. those last two stats help, but not in a head on fight. They are useful to get your shield up quick, but deande’s legendary solves that problem in one swift blow.

Also and, and this is just me, I love optimising my loadouts for a maximum ratio of cheapness to effectiveness. And two legendaries costs 3600! but again, just me.

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Good points, and honestly I’ve found VCM underwhelming in previous builds for S&A for example.

Out of curiosity, since you seem to be an efficient min-maxer, what builds have you used on Deande in conjunction with the Doomsday Key? Blue attack speed with +attack speed on health damage perhaps?

I’ve dropped her lore legendary on the basis that I’m usually using stealth as an approach to gain the benefit of her passive and huge damage on burst dash rather than an escape.

This is sorta like my Deande build that I’ve been trying to perfect with the right gear. Not sure if your helix choices are the same as mine but I’m sure the key choices are.

Just some easy kills… had a lot of fancier kills but didn’t record it. The video I took is when I first started the build. Since then I changed my gear a bit and my approach is a lot different.

I have a secondary build too for meltdown but still kinda unsure which one is better for that mode but burst build is great for incursion

I use almost the same build, but with Voxis Core instead of the battery. So I can spread damage on minion waves and take them out. There’s a reason it’s called BURST Dash lol. Great build


-The doomsday key (Obviously)
-Aristocrat’s ostentatious saber (this is almost the blue you mentioned, and is interchangeable with it, but this one gives 5 seconds attack speed vs 3 second and it procs when you take shield damage)
-Violent ability catalyst (It’s a green! gives attack speed on landing melee hit)

This build plays almost exclusively to the synergy between the doomsday key and Calculated risk.

it uses the extra base damage to initiate out of stealth, also slowing with silent strike, and allows you an almost guaranteed assassination. It works quite well if you are inconsistent with landing burst dash, because the slow hold them down while activating the skill procs both the Blue and Orange, and you only need one melee hit to proc the green.

Added up you get about 31% attack rate at a cost of about 3600 shards. But! you can only take advantage of this directly out of burst dash, much like the build in the OP. These are assassination builds. They do get you high kill streaks, but not many multi kills.

I just wish i could find an efficient build to get a penta with her. the dream still lives as they might buff her again because many people think she is weak.

Oh, and just imagine if I had figured that 31% attack speed out when juggling was still a thing… It would be a beautiful day.

Amazing clip. love the double kill.

i also noted that you have a much heavier shield than I, so i’m assuming your gear is focused solely on that. have you tried getting your friend(s) to run a One-for-All shield array to give you that extra 35 base damage? it’s not a lot, but if you stack skill damage on top of your shield like i do then it adds up.

See, the problem i have with the voxis core is that it’s in packs. And seeing that my luck is crap i don’t really have one. I mean it took me 30 epic packs and 20 or so faction packs just to get one legendary, and it was the Lorrian Purse Cutter that i can’t even use! perfect stats though.

Anyway, I can see the voxis core being useful in this situation much more than most other legendaries. I just wish i could test it out.

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Thanks, yea… I did use more shield items but I took one out for a shield delay gear so I can gain my shield back faster. It’s sorta like her fan of retreat but I play without legendaries. I only attack the way you see when I need to kill someone that’s CC-ed fast but I usually attack from the air 95% of the time. When you clone on the ground you are still visible, if you clone up in the air… your less visible.

Lol I have three and I didn’t buy any Jennerit packs and missed double credits

I honestly don’t use the augment that makes you dash in the direction you move. I can see you know how to use it quite well, and in theory it would work more effectively, but I’m so entrenched into using my burst dash like nullify. Most of the time if i use it to attack I cloak out of sight and then move in for the kill, or I just turn around mid air and push myself backwards or behind the enemy then rek them.

It works wonders in the heat of battle when you make the weak galilea think you are attacking the minions on front of her, when in actuality you are right behind her, ready to strike at the side that doesn’t have a shield up.

@epicender584 I’ll trade you a perfect Vow of zealous furry, Doomsday key, Helm of the Imperium, and heliophagic goggles for a perfect Voxis core

I would trade just for the Vow lol. I wish we could

Also, probably the person who’s played Deande the most @Slif_One, who is no longer active, and he made a build for it and that’s the only reason I really tried it. I tried it once but dropped it too quick, but it’s kinda amazing and makes her a perfect assassin

do you have a link to the guide? I always love seeing other people’s builds.

Idk where it went

Am I not seeing something? All I saw was 300.

I have recently returned to the forums but not to Batleborn. I think my build was on someone else’s post, in a discussion about Deande where a few of us shared our builds and tactics.

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