For folks talking about OP items ruining their game

Have you considered just… not using it? (Looking at you Hex,)

Like yeah the Infinibee Zero, Norfleet, etc was super strong in Borderlands 2, but you didn’t actually have to use them unless you were going full OP levels raid bossing.

And well, its BL3, there is no endgame, no raid bosses. EVERY enemy is easy even in Mayhem 3, I have found no end of weapons that are very effective, and very few that feel meh to use.


I just don’t understand these “so don’t use it” people.

If something is overwhelmingly more powerful than alternatives and produces most legendaries/hour - people WILL use it. So “don’t use it” is simply not a viable option.

I mean, come on with this silly “don’t use it” thing, already.


It’s almost as if different people play games for different reasons and with different objectives!

What a mind blowing revelation!


My major problem with it is - with the game in such a shaky state - Gearbox are more likely to nerf the OP builds/items without any corresponding buff.

Moze in particular is vulnerable to this. She is coasting purely thanks to a single powerful interaction between skills and items. If this is nerfed too heavily, she will be terrible.

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My bottom line is simple. You don’t nerf a game with so few fun viable builds.

Buff low performing trees and builds like Pets and Iron bear, then we talk about balancing.


That’s just plain wrong, if you’re talking about Vampyr + Hex
It’s powerful, sure, but Moze isn’t “coasting purely” on it. I don’t have one point in her blue tree, and I do well enough in mayhem 3.


This is a fallacy, just like the rhetoric of FL4K being useless now because he and his primary weapon were nerfed. That build is still “viable”, and Moze is still very good without a grenade spam build.

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Blatantly OP and broken items need to be balanced. Otherwise developers must balance future content around the dipsh**s that use only said broken and OP gear and then the rest of us suffer.

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Okay, I’ll bite. What is Moze’s top tier non grenade build?

Your still making the choice to use it, efficiency or preferred play style.

Stop worrying about what other people are doing in a predominantly single player game with no competitive element’s and enjoy it.

What do you use for healing? Her only healing skill is Vampyr. Do you just rely on the shield skills?

Yeah, with a bloodletter COM to refill my shields with health pickups.