For fun - A bad Moze Build

Comically, I can see Moze trying to use a Deathless relic with a Bloodletter mod, and a Rough Rider shield. Then throw all the build points into increasing shields, recharge rates, etc to make it extra useless.

I may just do this tonight. Who knows.

Had this on my mind a month ago but never spoke of that abomination combination lol.

Are you going try to do a new complete run with those sets?

That would be a hilariously futile attempt :smiley:
Go do a circle of slaughter and try it. Heck, try to survive the first wave. Nothing but FFYL.

I wonder if this can get the attention of Mittens or Senza who does these challenges? I just wanna see “Mayhem” if you know what I mean XD

Go deep in Bottomless mags getting all the regen and mag boosts you can.

Then use an infinity.


Sighs in Derch


If your relying on the regen rate theb yes this is a bad idea, otherwise its not as inherently bad since it will synergise with vladof ingenuity to a combined damage reduction of 36%. With 5 points into trl with the other shield boost it gets to a base of 18k. I actually tried this n it wasnt as bad as it seems, but i also had the 75% anointments on it too; that only raises the max to about 25k sadly

I didn’t have a spare deathless, so I went with a loaded dice, and the worst build that I possibly could, with things like recharge rate when jumping in iron bear, or a manned turret on the back.

As for Iron Bear - dual vanilla claws. Not bad up close and personal.

Health range from 85 up to ~1860 depending on how many enemies were killed when I went down. Pretty much every enemy would one-shot me.

I tried running Athenas. Got a little too close to Chupa’s dead husk before it faded into obscurity, and it killed me. I did OK with enemies; went down about once per enemy, and went for the electric protuberence I prefer. I can one-shot most enemies with it, so despite it eating ammo at 4 per shot, it’s worthwhile.

It’s overall pretty useless for me. Never any shield of any kind, with the exception of if any points were put in Thin Red Line, which inconsistently interacts with the shield capacity. Sometimes I have a a little shield, around 1,000 points, most times not.

Overall it was silly fun to see if I could survive being constantly downed. It was basically gaming in black and white.

You might actually be able to make a red dead moze build of some kind with the Double Downer and an elemental projector deathless with a ffyl extending passive. Shoot the ground with a lvl 50 sellout, die, kill a badass with the dmg boost from TD and the ffyl shield, stand up, Kamikaze again on the next heavy enemy.

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You’ll notice pretty quickly even with ffyl bonuses you’ll instantly bleed out after only a few downs

I played with the rough rider idea once. You can get a halfway decent shield up with +6 in TRL and max health passives on both mod and artifact.

No way to really keep it up tho.

Vampyr working off of 9500 hp isnt enough?actually thats closer to 12000 with the passives… Haha

Not if you don’t put points into vampyr :wink:

I just ran into the first enemy section on Athenas, and immediately went down, and started lobbing protuberences, came back up, one hit (down), lob (back up), one hit (down), lob/ back up. I took one step, down. Lob, and back up. Again and again. It was perpetual black and white. When I killed Chupa, it was one hit down and dead, no bleed out time.

Wow gearbox plz nerf ffyl wtf

To be fair, I’d been downed a dozen times while taking out the other enemies just to get to Chupacabratch, and only had about 85 HP and 0 shields due to the bad build I chose. Once no enemies were around is when the insta-death happened, and that’s fine I suppose. I wish they’d fix the dead Chupa sucking health

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I didn’t know he could do that! I always just kill him so fast that I didn’t realize he did anything else.

Yup, he sucks health, bypassing shields. His dead corpse does it until it disappears, so if you’re low on health and just run up to him while his body is still on screen, you may go down and die.

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