For fun: What does your release night consist of?

If you have the money to fund it (within reason) what will your release night consist of (snacks, drinks, streaming, music, ect)?

I’m thinking maybe some pizzas, chips, a case of energy drinks, playing with my roommate while we stream the game. Maybe not the pizza though. I need to keep the hands relatively grease free. I’m kinda in a conundrum. Suggestions? What are you going to do?

Game night in the dorm. My mates bring tjeir ps4s to the comp sci lab and we hold a launch night lan party.

They already do it for league so not to big a stretch if we can get monitors :smiley:

Thatis a great idea

Probably be going through my 4th run of XCOM 2. By that point I will have modded the ini files so I can have 20+ rookies deployed against 40+ aliens for a massive war for every mission.

I’ll probably remember at midnight that Battleborn is out, tab out, try to get in, the slam my head against the monitor when Steam decides it will take 4 or 5 hours unpacking the thing for no reason.

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coffee and cocaine, play straight thru campaign, roll a couple blunts and meltdown on incursion

definitely ordering a pizza…

Taking off work the next day, gallons of soda, an entire pizza, staying up with my SO playing splitscreen until she falls asleep, then going solo into the VS modes to rack up my kill count. After a few hours of sleep, start my morning with a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a side order of n00bs for breakfast! I’ll try to get in a good 20 hours on launch day, then limp my ass to work the next day and think about Battleborn.


I just can’t decide what I’ll play first, campaign or straight goin for multiplayer. Maybe at launch I rush the campaign and then I’m free for only multiplayer :smile:

First off I am going to pick up my copy at the Midnight Launch at GameStop (9 pm? PST), most likely going to try to sleep in line outside the front door holding down 1st in line slot 6+ hours in advance. Drive home (1/2 hour on the road), Start the Install then Bathroom brake wile its loading.

As far as snacks / food goes ill pick it up a stash a day or two in advance so the drinks will have time to chill in the fridge / not have to worry about running out mid-gaming : Sodas (mostly Cherry Pepsi), Rockstar energy drinks ( fruitpunch ), Tigers Milk energy bars, M&Ms, Sun chips (less finger grease than real chips), Gummy Candies, Chicken Pot Pies and Hot Pockets (pizza flavored) for when we start to need real food in our systems…

Game wise I plan on knocking out as much of the story mode as I can from the gate for the first 6-8 hours then pass off the controller to my brother who will most likely do PvP for the next 6-8 hours ( We take turns sleeping / playing so we can both work on one account and get the maximum number of hours in a row without killing ourselfs)

Last day of my first year of college for me. Looks like I’ll be moving furniture until I stream later :joy:

Probably gonna celebrate at Fuddruckers for my birthday before heading to GameStop for the midnight release
As soon as my brother and I pick up our copies we’re probably gonna stock up on snacks at the Wal-Mart nearby if we don’t do that first

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Happy early birthday to you!

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That night will be me locking my door,mnt dew,duritos,getting sleep deprived,and nobody seeing my face for the next 48 hours