For Honor Discussion

Does anyone else here play the game?

Played the beta, it’s definitely on my list. It was bumped down to 50$ so here’s hoping I get it soon…

I Play it on Xbone. GT: Greasy Broccoli

Shugoki is an ■■■■■■■ in my book.

I played the Beta, and it saddens me how every damn game these days is an online multiplayer thing.

Most annoying character for me to deal with, especially because I can’t just dash forward and guard break him as a law bringer

Anyone else having problems finishing matches? I keep getting kicked due to some type of error almost every match.

Only in Dominion for me, everything else is relatively consistent (the occasional kick or error though)

Its happening to me almost every match in every game mode. Other games work fine sucks though, i’ve spent 5$ to get a lion for my lawbringers head.

That’s really weird… have you contacted support or anything?

I should contact them but haven’t gotten around to it.

Anyways, Nobushi is now a few points behind Shugoki in my most hated heroes list.

Whys that?

Too damn fast. It says it’s a hard class, but everyone spams the same move set. By time i block, and try to attack, they are already attacking again.

I also feel i just need to get better, but for now i will partially blame my lack of practice on tge enemies.

I don’t find Nobushi too bad honestly, but I’m naturally really good at defense for some reason so I don’t have a hard time with her or Peacekeeper or anything like that

Got my hands on centurion, he’s kind of… Ridiculous. Caught a shugoki in the combo and took probably 80 percent of his health