FOR LOOT WHORES:keep Lootpocalypse drop rates and remove gear activation costs

IMO the game would be far more enjoyable if collecting shards was only necessary for buildables. Anybody else think new players to the game should be given a nice pack of 3 legendary’s and 3 epics to get them started and ensure they do not get slaughtered by veterans with full legendary loadouts in the instance gear activation costs are removed/set to 0? Also increasing the loadout size to 4-5 items would be nice for players with a loot whore side, and would also take away making those tough loot whore decisions which tend to come with not being able to use all of your gear all the time.

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One thing that new players can do is try to stay up-to-date with this thread that tracks SHIFT codes. That’s how I managed to fill up my entire bank before even playing a single mission. :smiley:


No activation costs on Legendaries? Noooooope.

That’s a fundamental aspect of the game economy. Players have to choose between their shiny toys and turrets, minions and installations to advance the objective. If they removed activation costs, no reason to EVER play anything BUT a 3-Legendary loadout, all other gear would be pointless, and they’d need to dramatically reduce the number of shards on all maps.

I loved Lootpocalypse, I had a ton of fun and checked a lot of things off my “want list” (still no blasted Intermittent Angel, though! Curse you, Bagranth!) but if we had that kind of Legendary drop rate all the time, Legendaries become much less special.

That’s kind of an inevitability anyway, as more veteran players often realize a white-and-green buildout for PVP can be the best way to go (if you prefer early edge over lategame potency) but for new guys, getting those first few Legendaries should be a neat experience. If they’re given away on default, or drop nearly every mission, new players are going to say “oh, so I get one of these nifty Orange things every time? I guess that’s cool.”


They raised the drop rates back in late june, in a hot fix. So they are higher then they were when the game first released. I got two legendarys last night from episode 1.

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Terrible idea. One of the best things about the loot system is you have to make choices on whether to activate gear or build things (and get XP).


I disagree. Collecting shards gives us the option to use them on buildables or on gears. Taking one selection away by making gear cost 0 would make the feature insignificant. The gear does not determine the player/s. A newb party will never beat an experienced team even if the beginners have all legendary gears while the other group has none.


I don’t know if I’d call myself a “loot whore,” but I do love some loot (maybe a “loot individual-of-promiscuity?”) and have to say this is pretty much it. Battleborn isn’t a game for loot. Gearbox has a great handle on loot, it’s a big part of what made Borderlands so great, so they did want to include it, but loot in BB is icing, not the cake. The cake is the character and the kit, and of course, player skill.

This is the motivation behind some of the Legendary loot nerfs, too. The Devs obviously felt that some of those unique abilities had moved into defining the characters, rather than augmenting.

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I’m doubtful that’s wise - currently there are strategic trade-offs players have to make as to what to use shards on and when. Making gear free would drastically alter that.

With a bit of luck, it isn’t too hard to have 0-cost gear that plays well with a given character so there’s no real downside, but those items just do a single trick without any crazy extras. Everyone running around with three legendaries right out the gate just sounds a bit mad.

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Ha! That’s great!
Thanks, I needed a good laugh.


I have a big post about things that are wrong with the loot system. The basic idea of “activation costs” for items is not in and of itself one of those problems.

I do like the lower priced faction packs though. I don’t see why those can’t stay around >.>

Same here. 1900 is a bit steep for what’s usually junk.

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The game economy is fundamentally flawed in the context of combat being the games real focal point. The less time I spend collecting shards the more time I can spend in combat.

Let’s change everything! Also, “Battleborn” is a silly name. Let’s change it to…

No no no no and NO.

I agree with you shards costs are yuck. Remove it decrease it. Just do away with it. Tired of generators filling up a slot I could be using something much more useful for to activate. I say if no removal legendaries take 300 shares to use. It would be chaotic fun. I know it’s a wish but why not it wouldn’t kill the community. It would make it more crazy competitive.

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