For my fellow Zanes, bunch of Cryo gear I'm not using (PC)

I switched to Cryo for farming, been working reasonably well. If anybody is interested in this stuff, let me know. I also have a small pile of GenIVIV Shields. Edit: right-click & ‘open link in new tab’ to see full resolution

Edit: I’d intended to give this stuff away, first come first served.

Edit 2: Few more Cryo items;

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welp any element crossroad will freeze more with brainfreeze than other cryo guns so :d it is not in hard demand

Sure, but actually getting a Crossroads is random as random gets, and you don’t need the #1 legendary to do well.

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What’s your platform? PC, Ps4, xbox?

Right, multi-platform. I’m playing PC with its’ glorious Photo Mode :smiley:

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Yay! Are you looking for anything for anything?

I could use a Faisor. Is there something you are interested in? Just in case I might have it.

I’d intended to give away the stuff I posted, but I do have a few things on my wish-list (mostly needing Annointment); Ten Gallon, Baby Maker, The Companion, Destructo Spinner, and a better Laser Sploder than I have now. Someone emailed me about the Nighthawkin, rest is up for grabs, first come first served.

I’m giving away this stuff. I have my wish list, but otherwise it’s yours if you want it.

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So as to not be Greedy.

Can I maybe get that Kaos?

Sorry, I don’t think I really have anything from that least, at least nothing anointed. But if you’re stilling willing to give it away, sure. EGS name is Darthplagueis13

All yours.

Sold, for the low low price of bupkis :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay! My name on Epic is Sammantix

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If you’re on Xbox I’ll take the Hawkin! :slight_smile:

Sorry mate, PC. I’ve amended my OP to clarify. However, for those of you who can enjoy photo mode, I picked up a few randoms last night;

Again, I’m giving this away since my Zane doesn’t use Cryo, but I want to help my fellow boios.