For ps4 users that bought the super deluxe edition. I NEED YOUR HELP

Yo guys Im having a bit of a problem with my season pass. I bought teh super deluxe edition but I dont have the moxxi dlc for free. To resolve this I checked my installed add ons for bl3 and there is no season pass except all the other packs including the butt stallion pack which should come with the season pass in the super deluxe. Can you guys check urs if there is also season pass in your installed add ons if you were able to download the dlc?

Try going to the ps4 store from dashboard. Search for Boarderlands. You should be able to download from there…

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Mine has season pass and the dlc for free. You may need to contact Sony.

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I went to the main menu of the game, selected the Playstation store. The DLC was listed there for free. I downloaded it.

I have the physical copy of the game, and put in all the codes given in the Super Deluxe box at launch.

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My physical copy only had one code which was for everything

Yours had season pass downloaded in the installed add ons?

Tried that alreqdy, asked for payment

That sucks man. I got mine from PSN… Your code must be bugged. Try to reach out to gearbox.

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Email 2K and Sony and keep checking…

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Yesser already contacted 2k they didnt reply yet but didnt contact sony yet. Thanks for all the help btw!

i have the super deluxe pass ,and have downloaded the dlc.
but everytime i go to log in,i cannot see the dlc anywhere ,i keep going to the play or continue page ,is there something else i need to do to access the dlc ? thanks

ok got it thanks

Downloaded mine through the Playstation App on my phone