For some silly fun, try Static Field and a low level ReRouter

Fun watching it instantly fill up for more amp damage.


Static Field?

It’s for Zane’s sentinel it will emit a static beam to damage enemies and refills Zane’s shield…

Because the shield has a capacity of about 140 (mine is level 6, thanks event), Static Field refills it instantly at a continuous rate even as it drains amp damage :slight_smile:

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interesting… now this is a way to use the event

Sounds very intesting!
I will check this out when i get my hands on a low lvl 0.m! Should be even better ^^

the chest event is great to find low level shields!


I was playing around with a build that used the version om and a redistributor and it was fun but not nearly as broken as an under leveled one.
I was actually wondering if it would be worth going red blue for the clone shield healing.
Psa don’t cap green with an amp shield, it just glitches out and is useless.

You can also get low lvl items by letting a normal lvl 50 item go into your lost loot machine and reclaiming them with a lvl 1 Charakter in a freinds lobby.

So if you find a 0.m during the takedown, dont pick it up. Join a freinds lobby with a lvl 1 Charakter, reclaim lost loot, and boom. Low lvl 0.m

Nice, but how did you get an anointment on a lv5?

No idea, I changed mayhem to 0 and then went with my lv 50 Zane to the Drought (I play solo), did the Marcus mission and opened the chest and it was like that. Was it stated that it is impossible to have low level annoint?

Ah, that explains it. Cheers