For the love of Borderlands

I have been a loyal fan for many many years and just say that the past couple of days have been heated and we are all little Psyco’s when it comes to our fandom,i am tired of being angry and wish everyone well and that we can get back to talking about builds and gear,personal things going on in my life have kinda taken priority right now which i will not go into and made me think of my Borderlands family or why else would i be here,as family we all get on each others nerves and sometimes fight in the backseat while mom or dad is driving this ship and hopefully we get to a place thats good for everyone,to the creators and to the bright minds that gave us the characters,settings,stories locations a have been as entertaining as any blockbuster movie franchise and the fact that we get to play it.
Tell me your love for Borderlands fam.