For the love of god, either let us use mayhem mode in normal mode, or nerf legendaries in normal mode, or restrict the best ones to mayhem mode, or let us start a new character in TVHM, or give us a hard difficulty in addition to easier and normal

My friend got a level 15 lightshow and it carried us through the entire game, to level 40.
And the Lightshow is just an especially egregious example. Almost every legendary trivializes normal mode.
You have a BILLION incredible guns that we desperately want a reason to use, but why would we when this kind of stuff exists?!
At the very least give us a hard difficulty so the lightshow doesn’t effortlessly steamroll the entire game.

Hell, even purples are a bit op

Edit: easiest fix: let us do mayhem mode before tvhm once we’ve beaten the game once.
I just want my favorite game to have some good replayability.


Can’t believe that gun is still in game xd

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So, your complaint is that a gun is very powerful and you don’t want it to be usable/acquirable except on higher difficulties. Your reason is because you decided to use it… I feel like you know EXACTLY what I’m going to say to you on this subject.


As much as people want to deny it, there is such a thing as overpowered in a pve game.

I gave multiple solutions to the problem, and I’m fine with any solution if it makes the game challenging in the slightest.

I want to minmax, but there’s no incentive when all i need is a single item to steamroll the ENTIRE GAME


Don’t use it.
There. I said it.
If you find the gun again, sell it. Mount it on your wall in your room on the ship. Chuck it into the aether. All valid options for you to gain the challenge you want without pushing it onto everyone else.


If you think the lightshow is OP you should try the facepuncher at m10. With the new level cap increase melee damage is scaling and hitting like a freight train.

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@Jordangold527 so you’re saying i also shouldn’t use the Anarchy, Hellshock, Krakatoa, Cutsman, Lob, Kyb’s worth, Scourge, Flipper, Recursion, Monarch, Brainstormer, Clairvoyance, Hyperfocus, ION cannon, Kaoson, Maggie, Moonfire, Plaguebearer, Proprietary liscence, Redistributor, Sandhawk, Sickle, Skullmasher, Soulrender, Spade, or Unkempt Harold?

I want more than anything to use these guns on normal mode, but there’s not even an option to make the game hard enough to make any of them fun on < mayhem 6+

I’m not “pushing my standard on everyone else”, I want AN OPTION to give myself an iota of a challenge without doing a greens-only run.


It’s been an issue since before mayhem 2.0. They’ve been focused on balancing around top level end game (don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have so many m10 viable weapons) and the buffs are trivializing NVHM play throughs.

IMHO they need to keep the scaling and buffs but only in m1 and above. Revert all the buffs when mayhem is turned off. Legendaries will still face roll in NVHM, but not nearly as bad as they do now.

We need these weapons viable at m10. Just not at the cost of trivializing new play throughs.


What is the title of this topic again?

Look, if you use the literal best weapons in the game then you’re going to hit hard. That is what they are designed to do. You want to play on the easiest difficulty with enemies that will die in 6 shots from a pea shooter then you’re going to need to understand that you’re going to shred them like Fargo if you come at them with a nuke.

That is what we call True Vault Hunter Mode. If you play on Normal then you have to understand that you’re not going to get the challenge you want.


We are few, but there are other people on this community that don’t like those insane power creep, like us.
We just have to hope that one day GB will add a mode for us or just see this game die one month after the last update, because casual players don’t keep any game/community alive.

You’re right, I’ll just start a new game in true vault hunter mode.

Oh wait.

Even if I could, these guns are still so powerful that you don’t even have to minmax on mayhem 10.

if you’re just going to keep suggesting the game is perfectly balanced as it is, please leave.

You’re contributing absolutely nothing to improving this game.

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When the hell did I say it was balanced?

What I’m saying is that you are making the request that the devs completely rewrite how equipment works so that it changes depending on the game mode you are currently playing or that they get rid of the guns in said mode completely.
You are asking that they change the game in an incredibly drastic manner for everyone simply because you want powerful weapons meant for the hardest of encounters to act like green tier gear on the lowest difficulty.

You are asking them to change the fundamentals of how gear works simply because you don’t like how strong the strong gear is against the weakest enemies.

If you play on Normal Difficulty and you use Legendary Gear, you have no right to complain that the gear is too strong for the difficulty you are playing on.



If you want an iota of a Challenge then stop playing on normal mode.

Instead of requesting a nerf on a weapon you think is op, don’t use it.

Simple …


You know, I think you’re onto something.
They should probably unlock the DLCs at a later stage of the story, so guys like your friend aren’t heading into a specific DLC to get a specific gun, just to show off to anyone, how powerful he is. Douchy.


Sadly all difficulty has been relegated to Mayhem since the game’s launch. Even TVHM is way too easy without Mayhem.


I personally enjoy this during leveling. All the possible OP guns you can find. And the more of these buffs that happen, the more options you have.

It sort of reminds me of D3 and all the items you can find now to make leveling crazy and for me at least, fun.

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The problem with this game is that not even mayhem is difficult.
In this new dlc I’m not completely nerfing myself, I’m just not using any absolutely broken gun, and I just go through the story without fearing death even a single time in M10.
I just came back to this game to play the dlc and I’m going away from it again after finishing, just not worth it anymore. Bl3 endgame is almost as bad as TPS (tps has basically no endgame content lol)


If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Why are you coming in here crying and whining for GBX to pry some gun out of your baby hand? You’re telling us that you can’t play any part of the game or have any fun with it, because of this gun that’s ruined the whole game for you? Dear lord.

Keep whining bro, and they’ll nerf the whole freakin game. Then what?


I guess you haven’t done the GTD n M10 with no problems. Newsflash: it’s hard.

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Yes, I’ve with all 4 characters multiple times, the hardest part is not the bosses, it is the crystals lol (those are the only parts that I die if I’m not focused). However Scourge is a good concept even though not as hard as bl2 raid bosses.

This game is easy as hell, GTD is THE ONLY content that can still be considered barely hard (if you don’t know what you are doing), not even MTD true takedown can give a proper challenge. Those weapons buffs and all kind of damages scaling ruined the end game.