For the love of god, either let us use mayhem mode in normal mode, or nerf legendaries in normal mode, or restrict the best ones to mayhem mode, or let us start a new character in TVHM, or give us a hard difficulty in addition to easier and normal

I think you’ve gotten it backwards. The hardcore almost never keep a game alive. Casuals are the clear majority in virtually all gaming communities.

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Because they secretly like to obliterate everything just like everyone else. And then they want to make themselves look bravado by claiming to want a challenge.

Sounds to me like you’re the one cherry picking here.

You say you had to know where to get the Harold? Well let me point out to you that in order to get the Light Show you not only have to know how to get it, you’ll have had to pay for the DLC, and then deliberally chosen to play the DLC before the actual story of the game, so you’re deliberately seeking out items that you wouldn’t have access to if you just played the game normally.

So who is really cherry picking? You can’t even get the gun you’re complaining about if you just play the game normally. You have to pay to get the gun and then are complaining about being able to use the gun you payed extra money to have?

How many other things do you pay for and then complain that you’re allowed to use it after buying it?


I really don’t understand why people feel like Gearbox should lower/restrict weapons so they can enjoy the game.

Just use purple/blue/green guns if you want a challenge on normal mode.

There, your problem is solved and you didn’t have to wait for Gearbox to step in.

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No, casuals always leave the game quite fast, to go for another new thing. What keeps games alive is the hardcore player base, they are the ones that spend time modding (like with skyrim for example, a casual that made one character in 2011 isn’t modding to this day), they make competitions, youtube content, speed runs, they look for new easter eggs/hidden content.
Casuals make the sale, keep the money flowing and the franchise alive.
A good game should balance both, even more if it is a live service model, casuals for the money and number, and hardcore for content to keep the players (if you watch any content about any multiplayer game, I bet you are not watching a bronze player, but a pro player).


TIL I don’t know what I want in my favorite game.

Lightshow is just an especially egregious example, and it’s still broken inside the dlc it’s a part of.
Vanilla legendaries are still absurdly powerful

They don’t have to restrict anything, allowing mayhem levels in normal would solve everything

I do green-only runs; They’re fun, but certain gun parts are restricted to higher rarities, and legendary special effects are just intrinsically more fun than standard guns, if balanced appropriately.

Use underleveled legendaries… Use incorrect elements. Go through the game without using skill points etc, tons of things to do for a challenge if that’s what you want.

I’d prefer they just offer the ability to have 4 player difficulty on all levels if that’s what you want to do. I know on BL2 for a while you could put the game in 4 player difficulty by going to hyperius or master gee


Now you’re just trying to change the subject of your entire complaint when they hypocrisy of it all has been pointed out.

Legendaries are supposed to be extremely powerful. That’s why they are legendaries and not regular guns. There are lots of things broken with their games, but legendaries being powerful isn’t one of them.

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thats literally what theyre doing with an underleveled lightshow :stuck_out_tongue:


Do it with Tediore base game legendaries!

someone doesn’t know what hypocrisy means

I have been talking about legendaries in general the entire time; The lightshow is just an extreme case.
Why can I get a cutsman at level 15 and beat level 40 tyreen with it? I thought the point of leveling was to make you use new guns every once in a while?

You expect balance in a game where the developers force mayhem modifiers on you?

I dont think there is any cheese for your wine here. Use non competitive weapons and or unanointed gear. The game actually isnt fine as is from a power perspective considering there are so many junk weapons.

I agree. Normal mode is kinda redundant at this point but you’re forced to complete it in order to be able to experience somewhat challenging content. That kills the fun for me as well. The whole difficulty scaling and weapon balancing across different difficulties is completely messed up.

I’d rather have a more balanced early game instead of everything tailored around max Mayhem because the former I have to play no matter what while the latter can be adjusted to everyone’s personal preference. Even if that would result in a lot of items not being as powerful as they are right now in M10. I wouldn’t mind since I don’t like higher Mayhem modifiers with their legendary lootsplosions anyway, it’s just too much. Legendaries should feel rare and exciting to get. Instead, they become more and more inflationary.

Limiting myself to a few items in an RPG that is all about improving your character (huge factor when it comes to having fun) isn’t a reasonable solution for me. I rather play another game that is fun from the beginning till the end.


THIS. The game was already very easy before that legendary shower but now it’s literally pegi 3 level. Try to do a white gear only when leveling, and you’ll realise even like that everything dies quickly, what a joke. I know it’s not supposed to be dark souls but c’mon gearbox.

  • It makes all green/blue and purple gear totally irrelevant since you have a legendary in every slot at level 4.
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Where are people getting all these low level legendaries from? IIRC my first NVHM legendary (outside of Moxxi’s Toy Box items) was the Cloud Kill, and that’s a mission reward item…

I now have a lot of legendaries from level 4-30 on a mule character should I ever want to start from scratch again, but only because I banked them across four VHs.

If you want to play NVHM and have a challenge with Legendarys, try the Bearcat or the Superball. :wink:

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The answer is pretty simple, don’t use that single item to steamroll through the game. Use a weapon you like but doesn’t necessarily steamroll, instead use other gear to compliment it. That’s what I’ve been doing for my other 3 VH’s I’m leveling up. I made myself quit using the LOB for exactly the same reason.

You can customize the difficulty to however hard or easy you want to it to be. Not to sound like a ■■■■■ here, but it is kinda more on you if don’t use the options the game gives ya in order to adjust difficulty to how you want.