For the love of god, either nerf legendaries in normal mode, or restrict the best ones to mayhem mode, or let us use mayhem levels in normal, or let us start a new character in TVHM, or give us a hard difficulty in addition to easier and normal

The answer is pretty simple, don’t use that single item to steamroll through the game. Use a weapon you like but doesn’t necessarily steamroll, instead use other gear to compliment it. That’s what I’ve been doing for my other 3 VH’s I’m leveling up. I made myself quit using the LOB for exactly the same reason.

You can customize the difficulty to however hard or easy you want to it to be. Not to sound like a ■■■■■ here, but it is kinda more on you if don’t use the options the game gives ya in order to adjust difficulty to how you want.

I would imagine that a significant amount of players never play TVHM because once Mayhem is enabled after the first playthrough there is little incentive to play TVHM. That may be considered a design flaw but makes economic sense, allowing more people access to the higher difficulties without multiple playthroughs. Personally I like to steamroll through normal and really get to play the game how I want in TVHM. I use OP weapons in my first playthroughs precisely so I can complete it quickly. Hell, I use a lvl 1 M10 dacota to get to sanctuary (obtained in a friends game via the photo method).

This game has so may options for players to set their own difficulty compared to BL2. I am finding it hard to understand the complaints tbh.


Yep, I’ve been playing since launch. Probably pushing a thousand hours or more. And I just finished my first TVHM play through last night, lol. Did it just to say I did.


I have over a thousand hours and 7 characters throughout both normal and tvhm, plus a mule on a second account through normal. But I am obsessed :rofl:

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Good for you! I’ve been stuck on TVHM Eden-6 since Jnauary…

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I would, if I didn’t have to go through the entire story again every time I start a new game before I’m allowed to use mayhem.
Either let us start in TVHM or give us mayhem on normal. Simple.
Why are all of you so opposed to an OPTIONAL difficulty increase? It doesn’t impact your ability to steamroll the entire campaign with a level 10 gun if you feel like it.

Just don’t use the legendary guns that drop? Or at least don’t use the ones that are literally one of the best guns in the game right now.

I will side with ya on that, I wish they would add something so ya didn’t have to do it all over again for a new character. It’s annoying on that front.

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This is the fundamental problem that OP levels (in multiplayer) had and why scaling is just plain bad. It is the reason the first iteration of Mayhem in BL3 worked so well. Shields, Weapons, Grenades, artifacts, and mods were all scaled to Vanilla. The first Mayhem was non-intrusive of this and tweaking to Mayhem was not needed. M4 added a boatload of health, and that was not an issue once you fine tuned builds (and plenty of builds could do it, just needed a good set up).

Enter scaling. Once you go past the actual level of game design, skills, mods, shields, AoE’s, and dmg tics start to grow distant as it starts to focus more on weapon damage and HP. So you start to tweak the Vanilla gear up to par. Now you have Mayhem scaled gear in the base game. Voila, vanilla game ruined.

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Not sure why you’re getting so much flack here OP I wanted mayhem for the first playthrough ever since I first beat the game and started a second VH.

The idea of “just don’t use it then” makes no sense to me. Expecting the player to intentionally handicap themselves to make up for the games poor balance is ridiculous. Nothing you’ve asked for is all that ridiculous, don’t mind the people attacking you for it

Edit: I think I realized why people are so hostile towards your ideas, you have the dreaded “N” word (not that one) in your title. That word turns fans rabid and they lose sight of the reasoning behind the proposed solutions


This is very true.

I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to add some kind of hard mode for NVHM. Maybe unlocked after your first playthrough. Games have been doing that since the dawn of time.

I also wouldn’t be opposed to an option to immediately turn on mayhem in a new play through after beating it once.

Things have gotten way out of balance in NVHM with all of the balancing they’ve been doing around M10. I was watching a streamer hitting for 20k damage at level 16. Of course guardian rank has a bit to play in this. Turning that off does help.

Also there are new threads here of people on their first play through having trouble getting past Traunt. So there’s something to be said for having more experience and understanding of the game’s mechanics as well.

Overall, some kind of option to crank up the difficulty on NVHM without forcing restrictions on yourself would not hurt anyone.

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